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Batkid inspires thousands

11/21/2013 (Archived)

Batkid Palmer groupFive-year-old Miles Scott became a caped crusader for San Francisco Nov. 15, all thanks to the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation. Miles, now know across the world as Batkid, has fought Leukemia for most of his young life. He is currently in remission.

When the Make-a-Wish Foundation put out a call for volunteers to help cheer on a little boy as he became Batkid for a day, responses came pouring in from all over San Francisco and beyond. More than 11,000 people registered online to cheer Miles on as he swept through the city in a Bat Mobile, saved a woman tied to cable car tracks, thwarted the antics of the Joker and the Riddler, and received a key to the city from the real mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee.

Batkid Palmer poseStudents at Palmer’s Davenport Campus (Class 161) took photos for the Batkid Photo Project on Facebook. Their pics joined hundreds of others on the Facebook page. Photos and support came from Batkids fans all across America and from many locations throughout the world, including Italy, England, Iran, New Zealand, Australia, Afghanistan, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Dubai, Argentina, India and more.

To learn more about the event that took over San Francisco for a day, visit RT.com.

Special thanks to student Stormie Reiman for taking the photos of her class.