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Palmer recruits veterans from coast to coast

12/3/2013 (Archived)

USA Today Veterans special editionPalmer College of Chiropractic ran a special student-recruitment ad in the USA Today 2013 Veterans Affairs Special Edition publication. The 192-page publication was distributed in early December to all U.S. military installations in the continental United States. It also was provided to the White House and Pentagon. The Palmer ad is on page 33. Palmer has been a proud proponent of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program since 2011. Palmer also is the lead facilitator in chiropractic internship programs and provides senior-level Palmer students the opportunity to intern with one of 17 participating Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics.

As part of a new College advertising campaign, full-page ads also appear prominently in the 2013-2014 USC Trojans Basketball program and the San Diego State 2013-14 Basketball Yearbook.