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No subluxations for Santa

12/16/2013 (Archived)

Santa gets adjusted at Seland ChiropracticSanta Claus is a regular patient of Trond Seland, D.C. (Davenport '94), who practices in Fishers, Ind. Santa comes in every two weeks to get adjusted, but is incognito most of the time.

"His beard really is snow white, and he grows it out every year in preparation for the Big Event," said Dr. Seland, of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center. "His wife is a seamstress who makes his outfit. The kids in the office get a big kick out of seeing Santa adjusted," said Dr. Seland. "Even when he's not in his proper uniform in October and November you can see his Santa boots if you're paying attention. But with his rosy cheeks and snowy hair, it's hard to deny who he really is leading up to Christmas!"

Dr. Seland practices with two other Palmer chiropractors, Dr. Anthony Snellenberger and Dr. Rebecca Mogle.