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Dr. Jeffrey Sklar integrates chiropractic at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia

12/19/2013 (Archived)

Dr. Jeff SklarJeffrey Sklar, D.C., Davenport ’97, is in a unique position to let everyone he meets—especially cancer patients—know that chiropractic is a patient-centered profession. As the medical director of chiropractic services for Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pa., Dr. Sklar is an equal member of a multidisciplinary team that provides individualized care to patients.

Dr. Sklar spoke to a packed hall at Palmer’s Davenport Campus on Nov. 22, following an invitation from Chancellor Dennis Marchiori when Dr. Marchiori learned he would be coming to the Quad Cities to present a continuing education program that weekend. Drs. Marchiori and Burt met with Dr. Sklar in Philadelphia and were given a tour of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility.

“Chiropractic is a patient-centered profession,” Dr. Sklar told the audience. “Our patients come to see us with a purpose and we treat them with a purpose.” He added that the entire team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America focuses on the dignity of their patients by respecting and listening to them, sharing information with them, inviting their participation in care and collaborating with all health care professionals on the team for the best possible results. 

“I tell my patients that I have Pandora and I take requests,” he said. “It’s important that I get to know them as people, including what music they like best, and make sure they’re comfortable while I’m caring for them.”