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A student's-eye view: Life at Palmer

1/29/2014 (Archived)

textingHave you found yourself wondering what everyday student life is like at Palmer College today? Whether you're an alumnus who's been practicing quite a few years, a current student or if your interested in starting the D.C. program at Palmer, you can take a peek into the student world through our "My Chiropractic Journey" blog, student profiles and our Instagram account.

Follow 5th Trimester student Allisha as she navigates her way through her Palmer experience. ?th Trimester student Stormie shares a student's eye view via Instagram (@palmercollege). Also, check out our profile page to learn more about our students who come from across the globe to become Palmer chiropractors. 

Want to share your experiences? Alumni, current and prospective students are invited to post their stories in our Facebook group or Twitter. Make sure you mention @palmercollege and #palmerexperience. You can also email us if you're interested in being featured on our profile page or would like to contribute to one of our blogs.