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Dr. Ingrando and Dr. Razack inspire clinic students

2/12/2014 (Archived)

Dr. Michelle IngrandoFor aspiring chiropractors, co-managing patient care in cooperation with medical doctors can be an enormous and, at times, daunting challenge. On Feb. 6, more than 200 students filled the Standard Process Student Center on Palmer's Port Orange, Fla., Campus listening to Nicole Ingrando, D.C., and Nizam Razack, M.D., JD, FAANS, FACS, describe the working relationship they have developed over the past several years. 

Dr. Ingrando, a graduate of Palmer’s Port Orange Campus (2009), is a practicing chiropractor and the Founder of North Orlando Spine Center. She is also part of the clinical team at the Spine and Brain Neurosurgery Center in Orlando, Florida where she shares time practicing with the center’s founder and president, Nizam Razack, M.D., JD, FAANS, FACS. Dr. Razack, who is board certified in neurological surgery, currently serves as the Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery for Orlando Health and serves as an assistant clinical professor in the department of neurosurgery for the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine. For the past several years, doctors Ingrando and Rizack have been co-managing care for patients who present themselves to either practice. 

“At times I will refer patients to Dr. Ingrando solely for chiropractic care," said Dr. Razack, who first received chiropractic treatment as a high school athlete. 

Dr. Nizam RazackMore often, patients are treated by both doctors based on needs of the patient. 

“Dr. Razack was familiar with chiropractic, having been a patient himself," said Dr. Ingrando. "But I still had to earn his trust by displaying my competency and ability to communicate at his level.”

“Learn to speak the same medical language as a neurosurgeon or orthopedic doctor," said Dr. Razack. "The best way to establish a relationship with a colleague is to have discussions about patients. That works much better than just knocking on the doors of M.D.s trying to market yourselves.”