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Markson Connection challenges Port Orange clinicians

2/12/2014 (Archived)

Dr. Larry Markson - FLLarry Markson, D.C. (Davenport '61), personal empowerment, practice success and prosperity coach to more than 25,000 professional offices for the past 34 years, has devoted his professional life to helping doctors and their key assistants to transform their thoughts, actions and feelings until they are able to experience the fulfillment of their life’s goals. He believes that your business, practice, and/or your personal life are waiting for a leader (you) to show up and that, “Who you are ‘inside-the-skin’ determines how well what you do works.” Now, in his fifth decade of sharing the secrets of success with audiences worldwide, he has learned that it is “successful people” who build successful businesses and lives ... and that “success comes from you, not to you."

On Thursday, Jan. 23, Dr. Markson and his Markson Connection partners, son Rick Markson, D.C., and Brett Axelrod, D.C., shared their vision of success with the clinician/mentors from Palmer College’s Port Orange Clinics.

Their vision: To attract, gather, and inspire a tribe of like-minded chiropractors, providing them with the necessary resources to build practices and lives that are truly successful, rewarding and personally fulfilling. Of importance to the audiences, Dr. Rick Markson and Dr. Brett Axelrod are still in the game, running highly successful, multi-practitioner practices in Florida and New York.

Drs. Markson and Axelrod challenged those in attendance to increase their patient volume by gaining greater compliance from their current patients and by inspiring and motivating themselves to fulfill their potential.

Following their presentation to the clinicians, The Markson Connection addressed clinic interns with an abridged version of the earlier session.

All three speakers concluded the session by sharing the following seven Tribal Commitments for Success:

1. To understand that awareness is the first step in the development of high performance.
2. To consciously choose a future unencumbered by our past.
3. To live beyond the circumstances of our environment.
4. To use our collective resources to design a compelling vision and persist in its fulfillment.
5. To remove all interferences and realize a life of significance, generosity, and gratitude.
6. To attract and become inspired leaders, creative thinkers, and agents of change.
7. To unite tribal members in a movement that enhances the consciousness of humanity.