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San Jose Campus Sports Council at the 2014 PFCS Symposium

3/18/2014 (Archived)

San Jose Sports Council seminar 2014For the third year in a row, the San Jose Campus Sports Council was well-represented at the 8th annual Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) seminar, held Feb. 21-22, in conjunction with the National Football League scouting combine in Indianapolis.

The PFCS is the official organization of chiropractors who provide care for each of the 32 NFL teams. The annual seminar provides a unique opportunity for the San Jose Campus Sports Council chapter (and other student ACA Sports Council members) to meet and interact with the NFL chiropractors and gain valuable knowledge by attending sessions featuring presentations by various PFCS doctors. The San Jose Campus Sports Council delegation at this year’s PFCS seminar was the largest number to attend, totaling nearly three-dozen students, taking advantage to learn from some of the best sports chiropractors in the profession.

“We had more students from our Sports Council chapter than all the others combined. Our campus is known for having an active Sports Council, and this was another example of it,” said Brandon Thomas, San Jose Campus Sports Council past-president and current senior adviser. “Plus, it’s pretty cool that the president of the PFCS (Dr. Kyle Prusso, D.C., CCSP) also happens to be a faculty member and clinician at our campus.”

Among the highlights of this year’s PFCS seminar was the “Chiropractic Combine,” a special Friday evening social program, which enabled students to interact with the PFCS doctors–an event that was organized by Dr. Prusso, who has served as team chiropractor for the Oakland Raiders since 2005.

“Our annual (PFCS) seminar brings together some of the best sports-chiropractic doctors in the profession, which provides an incredible learning opportunity for the students,” said Dr. Prusso, appointed to the San Jose Campus faculty in 2012. “Of course, I feel great pride when the majority of the students are from the College where I teach."