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In Memoriam

1/3/2013 (Archived)

Here we feature those in chiropractic whom we have lost. Postings will occur as we become aware of them and will be posted according to the date of passing. Links to obituaries will be posted when possible. 

If you would like to report the passing of a Palmer alumnus, please e-mail alumni@palmer.edu. Be sure to include a link to the online newspaper or funeral home obituary if available.

(updated 3/11/13)

Davenport Campus 

1940s graduates 

Daniel O. Clark, D.C., 1947, Henderson, Nev., passed away on 7/23/12.

Richard H. Nelson, D.C., 1949, Monoma, Wis., passed away on 8/29/12. 

Robert H. Stillwell, D.C., 1948, Tacoma, Wash., passed away on 7/4/12.


Claude Christophe, D.C., 1958, Bordeaux, France, passed away on 8/28/12.

John W. Connors, D.C., 1954, Mashpee, Mass., passed away on 11/9/12.

Ernest W. Corless, D.C., 1957, Derry, N.H., passed away on 10/27/12.

Herbert W. Craven, 1959, Salem, N.H., passed away on 7/30/12.

Edward M. Harrell, D.C., 1959, Panama City, Fla., passed away on 11/18/12.

William F. Holmberg, D.C., 1955, Bonita Springs, Fla., passed away on 1/6/13.

Janet A. McNeely, D.C., 1957, Thomaston, Ga., passed away on 9/17/12.

Sidney E. Williams, D.C., 1956, Powder Springs, Ga., passed away on 12/27/12.


Ronnie G. Brandt, D.C., 1968, Green Bay, Wis., passed away on 8/14/12.

Larry E. Cornelius, D.C., 1967, Bella Vista, Ark., passed away on 7/3/12.

David J. Fachting, D.C., 1961, Mountain Home, Ark., passed away on 8/21/12.

James R. Flanders, D.C., 1961, Atlanta, Ga., passed away on 9/14/12.

Robert E. Griffin, D.C., 1960, Roswell, Ga., passed away on 10/25/12.

John D. Marte, D.C., 1960, McKeesport, Pa., passed away on 10/20/12.

Bobby G. Moore, D.C., 1967, Phoenix, Ariz., passed away on 10/17/12.

Don N. Parkerson, D.C., 1967, Lake Oconee, Ga., passed away on 10/24/12.

Albert E. Warner, Jr., D.C., 1961, St. Petersburg, Fla., passed away on 8/30/12.

Bruce M. Wellum, D.C., 1961, Marshall, Ill., passed away on 7/27/12.

Evelyn M. Wofford, D.C., 1960, La Mesa, Calif., passed away on 12/11/12.


Richard M. Alexander, D.C., 1972, Keyport, N.J., passed away on 7/23/12.

Kenny D. Brooks, D.C., 1977, Morristown, Tenn., passed away on 10/24/12.

Steve M. Douglas, D.C., 1978, Janesville, Wis., passed away on 11/3/12.

Norris Erickson, D.C., 1972, Aurora, Ill., passed away on 8/20/12.

Barney E. Lucas, D.C., 1975, Williamsport, Pa., passed away on 9/14/12.

Richard Newman, D.C., 1972, Mesa, Ariz., passed away on 7/18/12.

John D. Robinson, D.C., 1978, Richmond, Ind., passed away on 10/16/12.

Glen A. Stuckey, D.C., 1978, Attica, Ohio, passed away on 7/24/12.

Tim E. Tarry, D.C., 1970, Grand Ledge, Mich., passed away on 9/12/12.

Wayne H. Zemelka, D.C., 1975, Bettendorf, Iowa, passed away on 1/11/13.


Donald (Don) L. Adams, D.C., 1987, Sedona, Ariz., passed away on 11/1/12.

James A. Clark, D.C., 1985, Attica, Ind., passed away on 7/18/12.

 Kirk A. Lee, D.C., 1980, Albion, Mich., passed away on 8/9/12.

Donald M. Patrick, D.C., 1980, Fairfield, Iowa, passed away on 11/14/12.


Steven C. Pennington, D.C., 1990, Mount Pleasant Mills, Pa., passed away on 9/15/12.

Jeffrey A. Williamsen, D.C., 1995, Bettendorf, Iowa, passed away on 8/10/12.


Michael D. Silver, D.C., 2009, Torrance Calif., passed away on 9/30/12.


West Campus 

David E. Lowe, D.C., 1982, Clayton, Calif., passed away on 3/13/12.


"He may not have made a huge impact on the profession, but he made a big difference to me. He inspired me to become a chiropractor."    - Dr. Jack Logan (Davenport '74) on his brother-in-law Dr. Elwyn Ridder (Davenport '52)