Doctor of Chiropractic Program

Costs change each year and are based on:

  • Direct educational costs such as tuition and fees
  • Indirect allowances for personal expenses, transportation, and books/supplies

Typical financial aid award amounts

  • Your award will be influenced by scholarships or student employment
  • Looking for additional support? Talk to us about credit-based loan options

Per-term cost of attendance for the 2016-17 year:

Palmer College of Chiropractic’s main campus in Davenport, Iowa - Doctor of Chiropractic Program (10 term program)

Tuition & Fees$11,313
Books & Supplies$555
Living Expenses$6,925
Loan Fees$157

Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, in Port Orange, Fla. - Doctor of Chiropractic Program (13 term program)

Tuition & Fees$8,574
Books & Supplies$670
Living Expenses$6,350
Loan Fees$191

Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in San Jose, Calif. - Doctor of Chiropractic Program (13 term program)

Tuition & Fees$8,451
Books & Supplies$620
Living Expenses$8,100
Loan Fees$190

We've developed these average costs so that we can set a threshold for financial aid awards. We're assuming a modest, but adequate standard of living. Your costs may not be the same as the averages outlined above.

Bachelor of Science Program

Tuition & Fees$2,640 (12 credit hours)
Book & Supplies$585
Living Expenses$6,925
Loan Fees$32

*Tuition figures for BS program above and AASCT program below is based on full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours

Associate of Applied Science in Chiropractic Technology Program

Tuition & Fees$2,973
Books & Supplies$715
Living Expenses$6,925
Loan Fees$24