Bachelor of Science Curriculum

The B.S. degree curriculum includes courses in natural/physical sciences, business, communications, psychology, and social sciences/humanities. These studies complement the Doctor of Chiropractic program curriculum. We offer B.S. program courses at convenient times to accommodate students who obtain both degrees simultaneously.

Here is how this completion degree works:

  • You will earn a total 120 credit hours for the B.S. degree.
  • You will earn 30 credit hours from the D.C. program. Palmer applies these to the B.S. degree.
  • You then earn 90 credit hours through the Palmer College Department of Undergraduate Studies. As an alternate option, you may also transfer credits from another institution.
  • The 90 credit hours include a minimum of 60 credit hours from (100/200) freshman/sophomore level courses and 30 credit hours from junior/senior (300/400) level courses.
Required Curriculum - Bachelor of Science Degree

Required Curriculum - Bachelor of Science Degree

CourseTitle of Course Credit Hours
ANAT51203Gross Anatomy I4
ANAT51213 Embryology2
ANAT52205 Gross Anatomy II4
ANAT61209 Organ Histology2
PATH61423 Microbiology3
PHCh41331Biochemistry I3
PHCh41333 Cellular Physiology3
PHCh41334Physiology I1
PHCh42306 Biochemistry II3
PHCh42343Physiology II3
PHCH61345 Endocrinology2