Deliver expert chiropractic adjustments, manipulation and other manual treatments.

Doctor of Chiropractic Degree

Develop Your Chiropractic Technique

As a student, your training will be hands-on from the very beginning. You'll begin learning technique in your first term. Palmer College provides a number of ways for you to get clinical experience with the help of supervising faculty.

  • Campus health center for you and your family
  • Campus outpatient clinics
  • Community outreach clinics

Get On-the-Job Training

Palmer College provides preceptorship and internship programs, as well as other specialized programs in sports, pediatrics and other fields.

Clinical Teaching Assistant – Palmer College of Chiropractic’s main campus in Davenport, Iowa – senior-level students thinking about a career in academia or research have an opportunity to work up to 10 hours per week.

Field Training Program – Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in San Jose, Calif. – required for students in their last quarter, this intensive internship program places you with a practicing doctor.

Intern Preceptor Program – Davenport Campus and Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, in Port Orange, Fla., campuses – for students in their last quarter or trimester, this intensive internships program places you with a practicing doctor.

Military Healthcare InternshipsAll campuses – work alongside a practicing doctor in a Veterans Health Administration or military hospital setting.

Post-graduate Residencies – Davenport campus – a three-year post-graduate program leading to diplomate status.

Sports Council – All campuses – train in off- and on-field settings with local athletes.

Davenport Campus Only

Master of Science in Clinical Research

Although graduate students do not typically treat patients in a clinical setting as a part of their education in the M.S. in Clinical Research program, graduate students gain patient-oriented research experience from being involved in projects in the research clinic and their own research.

Clinical Research Fellow

Graduate students work as a Clinical Research Fellows under faculty supervision in assigned roles for federally funded studies being conducted in the research clinic on the Davenport, Iowa, Campus.

Research Practicum Projects

The practicum project provides a faculty-mentored research experience for the student. Practicum experiences involve direct participation in clinical research, including working with research participants and conducting data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Davenport Campus Only

Associate of Applied Science in Chiropractic Technology

Your Classroom Studies Will Be Enhanced By Your Clinical Training and Experience

The Associate of Applied Science in Chiropractic Technology (A.A.S.C.T.) degree program includes front office rotations through the Palmer Chiropractic Clinics, as well as a 120-hour unpaid externship at a local chiropractic office.

This externship allows CT students to put into practice all of the business and clinical skills they have gained in class and provides on-the-job experience to include in resumes. Externships can also sometimes lead to job offers.

Palmer-trained CTs have both extensive formal training and relevant clinical experience to offer!

For more information on the A.A.S.C.T. program, please call (563) 884-5743 or email us at

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