Get On-the-Job Training

Our Sports Council is active on all Palmer campuses. We work with athletic event organizers to minimize injuries through pre- and post-event treatment. Because active people want to maximize performance while minimizing injury, many are looking for the unique skill set of the sports chiropractor to help them achieve this goal.

As member of the Sports Council you will:

  • Learn how to evaluate sport-specific injuries and treatment protocols.
  • Learn how to respond to common athletic emergency situations.
  • Provide chiropractic adjustments.
  • Perform stretching, soft-tissue therapy and taping.
  • Train in on- and off-field settings.

Following are some of the events in the Quad Cities community during which Davenport, Iowa, Campus Sports Council members provide care:

  • Quad Cities Distance Classic
  • Quad Cities Triathlon
  • Bix at 6 (four weekly training runs leading up to Bix 7 Road Race)
  • Quad-City Times Bix 7 Road Race
  • Run with Carl
  • Quad Cities Marathon
  • Many other sporting events 
For more information about the San Jose, Calif., Campus Sports Council, go to their website at

Following are some of the events in the Port Orange/Daytona Beach community during which the Port Orange, Fla., Campus Sports Council members provide care:

  • United States Tennis Association (tournaments and other USTA-sanctioned events at the USTA facilities in Daytona Beach, Fla.)
  • Glenn Wilkes NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tourney
  • Palmer Chiropractic Clinics Healthy Heart Run
  • Palmer Paints the Towne 5K
  • Chiro Games
  • Stingray 5K, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.
  • Fishstock 5K, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.
  • Bike MS 150 Cycle to the Shore—Daytona Beach to St. Augustine
  • Iron Man Triathlon, Daytona Beach
  • (2011) NCAA Baseball Tournament—Ormond Beach, Fla.