Ambassador Responsibilities

The Palmer Student Ambassadors (SA's) are a hand-selected group of highly motivated future chiropractic business professionals. The SA's provide an indispensible service to Palmer College of Chiropractic by serving as liaisons to current and prospective Palmer students, the community, Palmer faculty and staff, Palmer Alumni, and business professionals. These students will serve as the face and voice of the Palmer Center for Business Development (PCBD), and provide the community a look at what it is to be a Palmer Professional.

As a Palmer SA, each member is expected to be a significant contributor to the future development of the PCBD as well as the well-being and development of each Palmer student in their pursuit to become a member of the professional chiropractic community. Through the positive attitude portrayed by each member and the cohesiveness of the group, the Palmer SA's are the epitome of chiropractic leadership.


  • Complete a minimum of 4 hours per month of PCBD work related projects
  • Attend mandatory monthly meetings
  • Attend designated events
  • Complete a series of Business Modules

Membership Benefits

  • Gain experience in public relations (meeting people, public speaking, representing the college)
  • Be part of a dynamic, highly visible, customer service oriented organization
  • Work with and learn from business professionals in marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Broaden contacts among faculty, staff, students, administration, and business professionals
  • Possible travel opportunities to events with PCBD staff
  • Letters of Recommendation provided to the SA by the PCBD for potential job opportunities
  • This is a work-study position.

Student Ambassadors

We are accepting applications from students who will begin 2nd Trimester in July.

Application Packet Due:  Thursday, July, 21, 2016.

Letter of Recommendation Due:  Thursday, July, 21, 2016.

Stop up in the Business Center for an application.  ​Thank you.

Paul Kite

Paul Kite email:

My name is Paul Kite and I am from Atlantic Iowa.  I received my bachelors degree in biological psychology from Northwest Missouri State University.  I chose chiropractic because I believe in a natural and conservative approach to health.  The opportunities in this profession are endless.  I am thankful to be a part of the Palmer Center for Business Development team.  I feel that in order to be a successful chiropractor one must master both the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic as well as the fundamentals of running a sound business.

Amanthi Mapalagama

Amanthi Mapalagama email:

My name is Uvini Amanthi Mapalagama and I'm from Colombo Sri Lanka. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Biology from Iowa State University. I strongly believe that chiropractic is a great approach to a healthy, fulfilling life. The Center for Business Development is a great resource to all Palmer students to become successful doctors and obtain knowledge to become full rounded physicians with great business skills. I'm grateful to serve as a business ambassador and share my knowledge and skills with other students to fulfill their educational needs.

  Mariah Payne

Mariah Payne email:

My name is Mariah Payne. I am from Lynwood Illinois. Chiropractic to me is a profession that focuses on natural healing with a main focus on prevention of sickness and disease by maintaining the neuro-musculoskeletal system. My passion is helping people get healthy and remain healthy which is why I chose chiropractic. The center of business development helps me gain experience with public relations as well as how to be a successful business professional as a chiropractor. After graduation,I plan on working near or close to my hometown in the south suburbs of Chicago, and ultimately opening my own practice focusing on family care.

Mary Beth Jacobson Cretney

Mary Beth Jacobson Cretney email:

My name is Mary Beth Jacobson Cretney and I am from Waukesha, WI. What drew me into chiropractic was the bond and hands-on relationship I will build with patients as both a proactive and reactive health care provider. The Palmer Center for Business Development has opened my eyes to new approaches for personal and professional success. As an ambassador I am able to help get my fellow classmates involved, preparing them for the business ventures they pursue. I am eager to get out in the field and use my skills as a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a businesswoman and plan to open up a practice in rural Wisconsin.

Cassie Asmondy

Cassie Asmondy email:

Hello, my name is Cassandra Asmondy and I am from Tomahawk, Wisconsin. I completed my bachelor degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I was drawn to chiropractic not only because of my frustration with traditional medicine but also because of chiropractic's natural, non-invasive way of helping people. Through our holistic approach, we can help people achieve their highest health potential. Working with the Palmer Center for Business Development will take me from the level of a skilled chiropractor to a well-rounded business professional. Upon graduation, I plan to start a general practice in northeast Wisconsin.

Allie DiSalvo

Allie DiSalvo email:

My name is Allison Di Salvo. I am from Lowell, Massachusetts and received my bachelor's of science degree from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. I was drawn to chiropractic because of its unique ability to help people of all ages, races, and sizes get healthy and, more importantly, stay healthy. Furthermore, it does so without adding anything foreign to the body. In order for me to be able to effectively utilize the clinical and technical skills I learn at Palmer to help patients, it is essential that I know how to run a successful business. For this reason I am thrilled to be a part of the Palmer Center for Business Development.

Andrew White

Andrew White email:

Hello, my name is Andrew White and I am from Jackson, Michigan. My decision to enter the chiropractic field was greatly influenced from witnessing my mother benefitting from chiropractic care after a work related injury. My hope has always been to one day be able to help patients, like I witnessed through my mother years ago. Becoming a student business ambassador has truly been a highlight of my experience here at Palmer. It has helped me become more efficient at public speaking and has given me a greater understanding of what it will take to become a successful doctor, leader, and businessman.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill email:

My name is Matt Hill and I am from Sierra Vista, Arizona. I received my bachelor's degree in Business Accounting and Management from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. My decision to attend Palmer and become a Chiropractor began 7 years after I started my career in business. Chiropractic had been such an instrumental part of my two children's upbringing and my family's life that I felt a strong calling to help other families and kids experience the same benefits my family did.  I am very fortunate to be involved with the Palmer Center for Business Development. The resources, classes and experiences they offer will help me and my fellow students help an epic number of kids and families. After graduation I plan to open a family/pediatric practice in Arizona.

Alyssa Condomitti

Alyssa Condomitti email:

Alyssa hails from Cornwall, NY and obtained her undergraduate degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Pre-medical studies with a minor in Biochemistry. On top of being a Palmer Business center Ambassador, she plays, and holds an executive position on the Palmer women's rugby team and is a member of the Gonstead club. Alyssa decided to become an ambassador after realizing the importance of business education and leadership skills for later on in opening up her own practice. Her goal as an ambassador is for all students to utilize the business center to their advantage, with the end goal of strengthening the Palmer alumni reputation to the fullest.

Drew Flack

Drew Flack email:

I grew up in the small tourist town of Galena, Illinois, where I was active and lived a holistic and religious life. After graduating from high school, I departed for a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and upon my return I attended Brigham Young University. While in my undergraduate studies, I was married and had two children. My professional goal has always been one thing: "How can I provide the greatest service to mankind?" Thus I chose the career that made the biggest impact on quality of life. I plan to start a practice right after graduation in Heber City, Utah. The Business Center provides us with all the tools we need to be successful right away. It is just a matter of using them.  

Amanda Lajoie

​Amanda Lajoie email:

My name is Amanda Lajoie. I am from Nashua, New Hampshire. I received my Bachelors in Biology from Fairfield University. I have dreamed about becoming a Chiropractor since I was little. Chiropractic is such an amazing profession; it's not simply a career, but a way of life. I feel extremely blessed to be here at Palmer and to be apart of the Center for Business Development. The Center for Business Development is an extremely valuable resource because it provides students with the skills that are necessary to succeed after graduation. I believe it is extremely important for the success of the Chiropractic profession as a whole that students receive a well-rounded education.

Danae Sunderman

Danae Sunderman​ email:

My name is Danae Sunderman, and I'm from Fremont, Nebraska.  I completed my Bachelor's Degree of Exercise Science at Nebraska Wesleyan University.  I'm dedicating my life to chiropractic because I want to serve and love people in the best capacity that I possibly can.  I care for people to their core, and I know that the power of chiropractic heals people in a way that drastically transforms lives.  I want to give people hope and help them be in the best health possible so that they can live life to the fullest.  Chiropractors should be passionate and have big dreams, but we also need to personally invest ourselves in a solid business education.  I am excited to be a part of the Palmer Center for Business Development because they are dedicated to equipping every student with the tools necessary to operate a chiropractic office with excellence and confidence.

Missy Wessels

 Missy Wessels email:

My name is Missy Wessels and I am from Manchester, Iowa. I received my Bachelor's degree in Biology from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. The holistic approach and the determination to make a difference in people's lives is why I have chosen to be a Chiropractor. I am passionate and committed to showing others that through Chiropractic care, our bodies can heal, nourish and maintain itself in ways that provide long term benefit and overall health. I believe that the Palmer Center for Business Development will equip students to be strong and innovative practitioners in the Chiropractic field as well as develop into successful business professionals. I am incredibly fortunate and blessed to be a part of the Palmer Center for Business Development and the Ambassador Program.

D'Anthony Doss

 D'Anthony Doss email:

Hello, my name is D'Anthony Doss and I am from Eureka Illinois. I received my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Eureka College, Illinois. The word “excitement” would be an understatement on how I feel about attending Palmer College of Chiropractic. What brought me into the world of chiropractic was the idea of being able to serve others, to heal others, through the power of my hands. The Palmer Business Center for Development is a great on campus destination for those eager to learn, and be more exposed to the ins and outs of running a business. I'm very pleased to be on the ambassador team and look forward to spreading the knowledge I gain from this program to my fellow peers, and hopefully you!

Kalie Harrod

Kalie Harrod email:

Hello, My name is Kalie Harrod and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky. I have been around Chiropractic my entire life. My Dad is a Chiropractor in Louisville and I cannot wait for the day when I finally get to practice with him. Chiropractic is not only my career path, but it also saved my quality of life. Without the treatment my dad gave me after a bad car accident, along with the treatment I received for a congenital back problem, I would not be the same person today. I have seen first hand how important the business side of a Chiropractic profession is and how vital the Business Center at Palmer can help me, along with the rest of the Palmer students, succeed after graduation. I am excited and very fortunate to be a part of the Palmer Center for Business Development that will help me gain knowledge that I can bring from this program to my peers! 

Darin Toone

 Darin Toone email:

My Name is Darin Toone and I am from Tremonton, UT. I graduated from Weber State University with a major in Microbiology. I chose to enter the field of chiropractic based on my desire to help others not only heal, but to do so in a natural way. Coming from a largely science background I found my confidence in the business aspect of practice to be lacking. The business center offers all of the tools and knowledge needed to become an efficient business owner. I therefore find myself very grateful to be involved as a business ambassador. With the education gained at Palmer and the business savvy developed from the business center, I willI feel confidant walking out of the doors of Palmer ready to take on the challenges of being a Chiropractor.

The Business Ambassadors invite all West Campus students to the business modules. A schedule can be found on RSVP using the Palmer CareerNetwork.

We are accepting applications for the work-study position of Business Ambassador. Click here to download the application.

Jacqueline Prins web

My name is Jackie Prins and I’m from Manistique, Michigan. Becoming a Student Ambassador for the Center for Business Development is important for me because it allows a number of opportunities while in school to strengthen my competency and experience with the different components of entrepreneurship. It is an opportunity to connect with practicing docs and hear some of their successes. Being a student ambassador will help me to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable chiropractor so I can help many patients in my future career.

The Port Orange campus is actively seeking a Student Ambassador work study student for the Summer163 term. If interested in becoming a Student Ambassador for the Center for Business Development, please visit the Career Development Center, Room 2143 to pick up an application or use the link below to download and print. Must be second-third quarter status by Summer 2016 term. 

Click here to download and print the Ambassador Application

LeBlanc, Donnie - portrait

Donnie LeBlanc -

Donnie LeBlanc is from a small town called Sussex Corner, in the eastern province of New Brunswick Canada. He studied at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from 2010-2014 where he received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology. He has worked in the forestry industry for the last few summers with a reforestation company. He came to Palmer Florida to continue his passion for human physiology and patient care through the amazing world of Chiropractic. The Palmer Student Ambassador Program was a great opportunity to discover all of the tools and resources available through the Career Development Center, and he looks forward to helping other Palmer students who came to Palmer, like himself, with little business knowledge. 

Poss, Jon - Updated Photo

Jon Poss -

Jon Poss was small town born and raised in DeLand, Florida. He studied Business Marketing and Biology at Stetson University, rounding out his undergraduate career with a study abroad in Innsbruck, Austria. Upon graduation in 2011, Jon developed invaluable business and communication skills through several corporate positions at top Fortune 500 companies including Disney and Home Depot. With a passion for vitalistic health and wellness, Jon was drawn to Chiropractic’s patient centered care model. The Palmer Student Ambassador Program was naturally the perfect opportunity to further develop his professional skill set within the healthcare industry.