What is a clinical trial (research study)?

A clinical trial (research study) is a patient-oriented method used to study healthcare related tests and treatments. The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research conducts clinical trials studying different aspects of chiropractic care in order to answer specific questions. Our goal is to provide new information that is directly relevant to improving human health.

Is being involved in a research study right for me?

Contact our clinic at (563) 884-5188 and one of our staff members can provide you with more information about our studies. If you are interested, we will ask you a series of questions to see if you are able to be involved. If so, we will schedule a visit to our clinic.

What happens at my first appointment?

For most studies, you will complete several questionnaires and our staff will describe, in detail, all aspects of your potential involvement. You may also receive an exam by one of our doctors to further determine if you are able to be involved.

Can I be involved if I am pregnant or have other health conditions?

Some people are unable to be involved if they have certain health conditions. However, this varies with each study. We will ask for health information and in most studies, one of our doctors will perform an exam to help determine if you can proceed.

Would I need to stop seeing other health care providers if I participate?

For some studies, we ask you to avoid other types of health care. By contacting our clinic, you can find out details about a study in which you are interested. If this is not something you are comfortable with, then being involved in these research studies may not be right for you.

Who pays for the studies at the Palmer Research Clinic?

Our studies are paid for through a variety of sources. Some of them include federal grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Department of Defense.

If I want to be involved, am I automatically enrolled in a study?

Not necessarily. Each study has specific criteria regarding who can be involved. Contact our clinic to see if you may be eligible.

Can I leave the study at any time?

Yes, you may discontinue participation in any study at any time.