John Mosby, D.C. John Mosby, D.C., M.D.

A website was developed at the Community Outreach clinic that allows students to experience a practical application of an evidence-based practice. On the website, we have constructed a database, which includes clinical questions and difficult cases encountered at the clinic. Corresponding to these cases, we use a RefWorks account where we have a collection of evidence for specific conditions.

The RefWorks account and case database are updated by the clinic CTA, who works with the interns when they encounter clinical questions.When a patient visits with a case or question for their providing intern, that intern can go to the CTA, who will then consult the database for previous encounters on that topic. If the database contains relevant information, the CTA can discuss it with me and the intern so that we can apply it to the current case. If no information is available in our database, the intern and CTA work together to generate PICO questions. The CTA will search the evidence for relevant resources. After performing the search, the CTA will consult with me and the intern to discuss the question and the evidence found, which will then be synthesized with clinical experience to lead the treatment.