On November 18-19, 2010, 32 Palmer faculty members participated in the workshop retreat “Learning and Teaching EBCP” at The University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA.

This is the third workshop led by our collaborator Dr. Mark Wilson, professor of General Internal Medicine and director of Graduate Medical Education at the Carver College of Medicine. Mark has been an active member of the international Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group since its inception in 1992 at McMaster University and was a contributing author to the Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. He conducts educational courses to convey EBCP concepts for practicing clinicians, teaching faculty and medical residents with particular emphasis on how to integrate EBCP into overcrowded educational programs and busy clinical education settings.

This year 4 Palmer faculty who have been training in EBCP (Drs. Ron Boesch, Barbara Mansholt, Ian McLean and John Stites) co-organized the immersion workshop and assisted Mark in teaching it. We were also able to expand the workshop to new EBCP trainees including 12 faculty from the Davenport campus (representing all clinic systems, Anatomy, Diagnosis and Technique) and 7 faculty from the Florida and West campuses.

Here is some feedback from the faculty who attended the workshop:

 Matthew Richardson, D.C.

Matthew Richardson, D.C., DACBR – Florida Campus

“The EBCP workshop I attended at the University of Iowa was enjoyable and informative. The event was well organized, included engaging group learning sessions, and helped facilitate incorporating data from scientific literature into clinical and educational situations.”

Casy Crisp, D.C.  

Casey Crisp, DC – Davenport Campus

“I attended the EBCP workshop and all I have to say is “WOW”. It was truly an eye opening experience about how important and how easily EBCP can be implemented into not only the clinical system, but also into the classroom. The leader of the workshop, Mark, was amazing. He had answers to the tough questions about EBCP and we discovered that every discipline has fears of EBCP. Once the fear is removed and you jump into the evidence, you uncover even more ways of treating people. In looking for evidence, you can also find out where there is no evidence available. This is actually a huge opportunity because we can help fill those holes with chiropractic evidence. The workshop was truly a great and amazing thing.”

Makani Lew, D.C.

Makani Lew, DC – West Campus

“The University of Iowa EBCP workshop was an excellent experience. The instructors did a great job of presenting how to interpret research statistics that are used to evaluate diagnostic procedures, disease prevalence, and more. I appreciated how they made the information relevant to both doctors in the field and instructors. I now feel much more capable at reading scholarly literature and discerning between “good” and “bad” research.”