Al LuceAlbert Luce, D.C.

The Florida campus clinics production team completed a video tutorial on sensitivity, specificity and likelihood ratios. This video clip is part of a larger presentation titled “An Evidence-Based Approach to Medicare Compliance.” The actors in the video are Dale Rossi and Steven Lint, both 11th quarter interns in the Florida campus clinics. Both interns are members of the Medicare compliance team.

The two students delivered the presentation to five clinic mentors and their respective cohort of interns and to the current 8th quarter class on separate occasions.

One of the main topics of the presentation is how to use likelihood ratios appropriately in clinical practice. The evidence-based methodologies in this presentation offer the clinicians and interns a more precise and efficient method of arriving at a diagnosis.

In July, the production team will capture this presentation and produce a video version for continued use to educate clinicians and interns on the value of using evidence-based methods to enhance compliance not only for Medicare patients but for all patients.