Judy Bhatti

I have been doing four Research Case Management sessions in my embryology class for about two years. I give a lecture on PICO and how to find peer reviewed article (this is in the first 3 weeks of class). I hand out a peer reviewed article and a worksheet for them to complete in class in groups.

Throughout the trimester I have them find peer reviewed articles on certain congenital malformations and the students have to write a two-three paragraph on the treatment of the condition using PICO. I want them not only to find peer reviewed articles but to understand what other health care professionals are doing to treat the patient. Doing this exercise helps the students understand how providers use evidence based information in a clinical setting, it also helps them understand how to collaborate with others in the health care setting.

I just want to let you know that I appreciate the work you and others are doing to help the faculty implement EBCP into the classroom.