"Every chiropractor can elevate the profession"

Dr. Ruben Valdes is a man of vision. After graduating from Palmer's Davenport Campus in 2008, he hit the ground running and hasn't stopped since.

Aside from practicing first in Puerto Rico and now in Florida, Dr. Valdes was featured for two years on a local TV show with health and chiropractic segments. He also recently published a book titled "The Chiropractic Entrepreneur," which has a companion app called DC Performance Monitor (available for Apple and Android).

ruben_valdes_adjustingHe has worked with professional athletes, consulted for the Olympic committee and is the primary care provider on-site for area volleyball teams. He also believes that individual chiropractors can make a difference to the whole of chiropractic.

"I believe that if every single chiropractor can elevate him or herself, it will uplift the profession," he said.

Dr. Valdes loves talking to people interested in chiropractic. He's held prospective student events for potential Palmer students in his office and has spoken at Palmer's Port Orange campus.