Transfer student finds educational fulfillment at San Jose campus

Anjoline Lopez, 12th quarter, is nearing the completion of her internship at the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic in San Jose, and each day she takes one more step toward the graduation stage, she gains a greater appreciation for making the biggest adjustment in her chiropractic journey: the day she decided to transfer to Palmer’s San Jose campus.

As a certified massage therapist for six years, Anjoline enjoyed helping her clients work through their aches and pains using soft-tissue procedures. But she wanted to do more than merely provide short-term relief. The more she learned about the chiropractic profession, the more convinced she became that chiropractic was the career path she should follow.

anjoline lopezHer journey began at another chiropractic college, where Anjoline completed two years of coursework. She was just about to begin her internship, when she “realized that something was lacking in my education.” Anjoline began to explore other options, and decided to transfer to Palmer’s San Jose campus.

With most of her family and friends based in southern California, where Anjoline grew up, she was particularly impressed by the various avenues in place for Palmer San Jose interns to complete their clinic requirements for graduation in a timely and efficient manner. “The different ways to earn adjusting credits for graduation was something better for me,” she says. “This wasn’t the case at the other school; they kind of just threw you in there.”

Anjoline’s decision to transfer may have come late in the game, but she doesn’t regret it.

“I think transferring to Palmer West was the best decision that I ever made,” she says, pointing to the network of campus-based and community-outreach clinics, the synchronicity and strength of the evidence-based curriculum, the technique program, preparation for National Boards and the business courses as just a few examples of what distinguishes Palmer’s San Jose campus from other chiropractic colleges.

“I feel very well-rounded, and I feel I have way more in my utility belt now,” she adds. Her career goals include working in a multi-disciplinary practice and bringing the health benefits of chiropractic care to impoverished regions via organizations such as World Spine Care, established by Palmer alumnus Scott Haldeman, D.C., M.D., Ph.D.