Building for the Future

Resources and support

The Marketing & Communication Department produced a number of videos about how chiropractors change lives ("#ChangeLives. Be a Chiropractor" playlist), along with videos about the Palmer campus communities ("Palmer Segments"). Palmer's YouTube channel now has more than 180 videos, all designed to encourage, inspire and inform while telling the Palmer story.

Are chiropractors superheroes? A video produced for the Palmer advertising campaign shows how chiropractors can be superheroes to their patients.

Palmer's first-ever comprehensive advertising campaign was launched in 2014. Created and coordinated by the Marketing & Communication Department, this is a nationwide campaign focused on enrollment. This campaign, featuring Palmer alumni talking about how chiropractors change lives, echoes the findings of a May 2015 survey by, which ranked chiropractic number seven of the top 10 "best jobs for people who want to make the world a better place."

Sample Commercials:
Change Lives.
Be a Chiropractor.
What do you do
to change lives?
YOU CAN become a
doctor of chiropractic!

Mean College Revenues (2012-2015) and Mean College Expenses pie charts Mean college revenues graph for 2012-2015: Tuition and fees, 85%; Gifts, 3%; Government grants and contracts, 3%; Investment income, 5%; Other, 4%. Mean college expenses for 2012-2015: Institutional support, 29%; Research, 6%; Student services, 13%; Instruction, 52%.

The San Jose and Port Orange campuses hosted prospective student events in July 2014. PalmerPalooza is the San Jose campus' annual summertime recruitment event, and this year brought nearly 100 prospective students to campus. The Port Orange campus event attracted nearly 150 prospective students and guests. In March 2015, the Davenport campus hosted 75 prospective students, and more than 70 prospective students joined Port Orange Admissions staff at a dinner in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

Chiropractic employment outlook: A good investment (graphic) #1 in Job Security. Competitive Salaries: MD $185,231; DC $135,231; NP $100.342; PT $79.551; RN $75,318. Strong Job Growth Predicted: All jobs 10.8%; DCs 15%.
Dr. Brad Merritt and office manager, Chris Starman, showing their Palmer pride in purple polo shirts

Palmer Fridays was launched to the Palmer campus communities in October 2014, then to alumni in November. The initiative encourages all members of the Palmer community to wear Palmer apparel on Fridays, take photos and share them on social media.

Palmer leads its peers in the chiropractic-education community in the important composite-score measure of financial health. Palmer's score of 3 is at the top of the scale, which ranges from -1 to 3. The average score for chiropractic colleges is 2.7.

Mean Chiropractic Tuition Increases graph showing Palmer's college mean increases lower than US chiropractic colleges' mean increases