Palmer College of Chiropractic 2015-2016 Annual Report. Montage of 3 photos: 2 students looking at a rib-cage model, instructor observing student adjust patient, graduates in gowns.

Palmer College of Chiropractic 2015–16 Annual Report

To the Palmer Community,

It's my pleasure to share some of the many positive achievements of the College during the past year through the Palmer College of Chiropractic fiscal 2015-16 Annual Report.

You'll see in it significant milestones on all three of our campuses, along with highlights of major events and accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff.

A major milestone was the release in August 2015 of the findings of the "Gallup-Palmer inaugural Report: on Americans' Perceptions of Chiropractic." We're currently well into year two of this three-year initiative and will have results from our second report at the Davenport Campus Homecoming in August 2016. I'm proud of our leadership in this important research. Look for more patient-education materials from us once the year-two findings are released.

The Annual Report also includes charts and graphs that help tell the Palmer story—such as Palmer's market share; first-year employment rates of our graduates; student scholarships; number of patients seen in our campus clinics; and National Board of Chiropractic Examiners pass rates.

Financial results will be posted after the close of the fiscal year.

Palmer Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D.I hope you join me in recognizing everyone involved in the outstanding work represented in this report. It illustrates how we advance our role as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®—this year and every year.


Dennis M. Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D.

Student Learning and Success

Leading the way

Our commitment to student success is demonstrated in a number of ways, including student-learning enhancements, scholarship awards, NBCE pass rates and student achievements.

students holding West campus SACA chapter awards Two members of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) chapter at Palmer's West campus were recognized for outstanding achievements at the 12th annual National SACA Leadership Conference in October 2015. Jonathan Parham received the SACA "Member of the Year" award and Tracy Lam was presented with the award for "Excellence in Leadership."

students standing around touch-screen anatomy table In February 2016, two Anatomage tables were installed on the Florida campus, one in the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, and the other in the dry-anatomy lab. The life-sized, 3-D virtual-dissection tables make it possible to virtually "slice" through all layers of the human body and view the body in X-ray mode.

ABCA - American Black Chiropractic Association The American Black Chiropractic Association elected student representatives at its 34th Annual National Convention in Atlanta, Ga., including Davenport campus students Cepeda Carter and Mariah Payne; and Port Orange student Damion Stevens.

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Strengthening Chiropractic

Advancing Knowledge

hands giving a chiropractic adjustment to a patient

Gallup-Palmer year-two survey of Americans' perceptions of chiropractic

In 2016, Palmer College of Chiropractic commissioned Gallup to conduct the second year of a nationally representative survey of U.S. adults that measures perceptions of, and experiences with, chiropractic. More than 7,600 U.S. adults were randomly selected to participate in this study, conducted in spring 2016.

This year's survey found about seven in 10 U.S. adults who've experienced significant neck or back pain have been to a chiropractor. Additionally:

  • Adults who've seen a chiropractor in the last 12 months are generally very positive about their experience
  • About three in four of these adults describe the treatment they received as "very effective"
  • Eighty-eight percent of recent chiropractic patients agree the quality of care they received was a good value for the money

Visit Palmer's website for the latest information on the Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Annual Report: Americans' Perceptions of Chiropractic.

Not only is Palmer the world leader in chiropractic research, but Palmer also strengthens the profession through the leadership of its administrators, faculty and staff—including conducting the first nationally representative Gallup-Palmer report on public perceptions of chiropractic, now in year two of three.

The Palmer website has downloadable patient-education illustrations available for use based on the findings of the Gallup-Palmer report.

Strengthening Chiropractic through Research

According to the first Gallup-Palmer report released Sept. 8, 2015, an estimated 33.6 million U.S. adults (14 percent) used chiropractic care within the last 12 months. The "Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Inaugural Report: Americans' Perceptions of Chiropractic," also indicated that more than half of U.S. adults view doctors of chiropractic positively.

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Furthering our Reach

Health care and service

Palmer students and employees engage our campus communities and profession through service projects as well as patient care in the Palmer Chiropractic Clinics.

West campus clinic doctor of chiropractic (with two women representing community organizations), holding a certificate from Congressman Mike Honda, U.S. representative for California’s 17th district, recognizing Palmer’s West campus community-outreach clinics Palmer's West campus was honored with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, presented by the office of Congressman Mike Honda, U.S. Representative for California's 17th District, at a special resident-appreciation event in August 2015. The award recognized Palmer for its five community-outreach clinics.

Davenport, IA: 3 Student Alumni Foundation members with boxes of community donations for the holidays Port Orange, FL: 10 Student Alumni Foundation members with boxes of community donations for the holidays

The Palmer Student Alumni Foundation (PSAF) groups on the Davenport and Florida campuses collected donations to help their communities during the holidays in December 2015.

Building for the Future

Resources and support

The outlook for Palmer is bright, thanks to judicious use of human and financial resources in support of our mission, and the support of our alumni and friends.

•	Architectural image of Palmer’s R. Richard Bittner Athletic and Recreation Center, opening on the Davenport campus in January 2017

In 2015, Palmer College launched the silent phase of its "Investing in a Healthier Tomorrow" capital campaign. The campaign is raising funds to enhance facilities on the main campus in Davenport, Iowa (including the new R. Richard Bittner Athletic & Recreation Center), add life-science and technique facilities and remodel parts of Vickie Anne Palmer Hall. (See campaign details.)