The PCCR provides a foundation of services for research projects on all three Palmer campuses through various cores and offices.

Biomechanics Core

The Biomechanics Core offers biomechanical expertise for basic, translational and clinical projects conducted by Palmer investigators and in collaboration with researchers from outside Palmer. These activities include configuring and maintaining state-of-the-art equipment, developing data recording protocols, and consulting with outside services to design and fabricate biomechanical testing equipment.

Research Clinic Core

The Research Clinic Core provides vital expertise for all Palmer campuses through general clinical services for research projects and through project-specific clinical patient management services. An integral part of the clinic core is the Research Clinic. This 2,700-square-foot facility is dedicated to providing high-quality patient care for clinical trial participants.

Office of Clinical Studies

The Office of Clinical Studies provides the key communication link between project investigators, Clinic Core personnel and the Office of Data Management and Biostatistics in providing project management for all clinical studies conducted by the PCCR. This office operates under the guidance of the research director. It's responsible for:

  • timely design of data collection forms and data management plans;
  • developing clinical and data protocols;
  • organizing and running weekly investigative meetings;
  • training necessary personnel;
  • supervising data quality and recruitment activities;
  • communicating with the Institutional Review Board (IRB);
  • and assisting with grant writing, abstracts, and manuscripts.

Office of Data Management and Biostatistics

The Office of Data Management and Biostatistics (ODM) serves all three campuses and is widely recognized  for excellence within chiropractic research and the broader healthcare arena. The ODM provides project-specific data management simultaneously for multiple research projects within and across sites. It provides services in the areas of web and database application development, data coordination and management, and data analysis.