Faculty & Staff

Faculty, staff, and administrators at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research are dedicated individuals who seek to advance public health by developing knowledge and translating that knowledge to the practice of chiropractic health care.

The faculty and professional staff are the engines of success at the Center. They:

  • identify meaningful research questions.
  • collaborate with investigators within and beyond the College.
  • obtain external research funding, design and execute high-quality research studies.
  • serve as graduate and postdoctoral research mentors.
  • play a key role in teaching clinical research masters students.
  • participate in evidence-based training of chiropractic students.

In addition, in recognition of the growing complexity of the research conducted at Palmer College, the Center holds to the highest ethical standards for the use of human subjects and animals in its research.


Research Faculty

Robert Cooperstein, MA, DC
Cynthia Long, PhD
Robert Vining, DC, DHSc

Professor Emeritus
Joel G. Pickar, DC, PhD

Associate Professors
Stephen M. Onifer, PhD

Assistant Professors
Stacie Salsbury, PhD, RN

Professional, Technical and Administrative Staff

Charlie Arends, BS
Laboratory Animal Technician

Leah Cafer

Lance Corber, MSITM   
Data Core Manager

Ann Hileman, BPh 
Assistant Director of Research

Katie Hoyt, MOL
Research Program Manager

Sujatha Kedilaya, BS
Data Analyst

Amy Minkalis, DC, MS, CCRP
Clinical Project Manager II

Anna-Marie Schmidt, DC, MM
Post-Doctoral Research Scholar

Kara Shannon, DC
Research Clinician

Zacariah Shannon, DC, MS
Post-Doctoral Research Scholar 

Randall S. Sozio, BS, LATG
Animal Care Manager

Elissa Twist, DC, MS, CCRP
Clinical Research Specialist

Anna Walden-Cobb, DC, MS, CCRC
Clinical Project Manager

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