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Ting Xia, Ph.D.

Ting Xia, Ph.D.

Ting Xia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research - Davenport, Iowa

Research Interests

Manual Therapy has long been recognized for its effectiveness in treating a variety of health-related problems, particularly musculoskeletal disorders and pain. On the other hand, there is little consensus about the underlying therapeutic mechanisms. My research focuses on understanding physical stimulation aspect of manual therapy and the impact on tissues and neurophysiological responses. Particularly, I am interested in identifying and quantifying the dosage of manual therapy with the intent to explain manual therapy-induced pain reduction.

The understanding of human physical capability in both healthy and impaired populations is vital for the management of musculoskeletal disorders (i.e., prevention, assessment, and treatment). My research focuses primarily on modeling of joint strength and muscle fatigue. I am also interested in postural control and response to perturbation in individuals affected by low back pain.

Mentorship:  PhD Committee, Industrial and systems engineering, Virginia Tech Research Honors Program  


  • Post-doctoral, Digital Human Modeling, University of Iowa
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D.), University of Iowa
  • Master of Science, Biomedical Engineering (M.S.), University of Iowa
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry (B.S.), Nanjing University

Recent Awards/Key Committees

  • ACCRAC Award Winning Paper, Las Vegas, NV - 2012
  • Guest Editor, International Journals of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation - 2014
  • Member, Faculty Senate, Palmer College of Chiropractic - 2015-2016
  • Member, Library Advisory Committee, Palmer College of Chiropractic
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa
  • Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Pain Research

Funded Grants/Projects, 2011 - present

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Developmental Center for Clinical and Translational Science in Chiropractic (DCRCI) Project 1: Patient Response to Spinal Manipulation (PRiSM)
Project Co-Leader, Clinical Trial Principal Investigator

Assessment of Chiropractic Treatment for Low Back Pain, Military Readiness, and Smoking Cessation in Military Active Duty Personnel (ACT) III: Assessment of Chiropractic Treatment: Strength and Balance

Selected Publications

Similar Effects of Thrust and Nonthrust Spinal Manipulation Found in Adults With Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Controlled Trial With Adaptive Allocation

Author(s): Xia T, Long CR, Gudavalli MR, Wilder DG, Vining RD, Rowell RM, Reed WR, DeVocht JW, Goertz CM, Owens EF, Meeker WC
Publication: Spine
Volume: 41
Issue: 12
Page(s): E702-9
Year: 2016

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Effects of spinal manipulation on sensorimotor function in low back pain patients – a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Goertz CM, Xia T, Long CR, Vining RD, Pohlman KA, DeVocht JW, Gudavalli RM, Owens EF, Meeker WC, Wilder DG
Publication: Manual Therapy [Accepted]
Year: 2015

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Study protocol for patient response to spinal manipulation – a prospective observational clinical trial on physiological and patient-centered outcomes in patients with chronic low back pain

Author(s): Xia T, Wilder DG, Gudavalli MR, DeVocht JW, Vining RD, Pohlman KA, Kawchuk GN, Long CR, Goertz GM
Publication: BMC – Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Volume: 14
Page(s): 92
Year: 2014

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Effect of Sampling Rates on the Qualification of Forces, Durations, and Rates of Loading of Simulated Side Posture High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude Lumbar Spine Manipulation

Author(s): Gudavalli MR, DeVocht J, Tayh A, Xia T
Publication: Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics
Volume: 36
Issue: 5
Page(s): 261-266
Year: 2013

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