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Quick facts for chiropractic on social media

9/30/2011 (Archived)

Social media is no longer a novelty; it's a reality. But how does it affect you as a practicing chiropractor?

 The facts: 

 • Patients are rating you (and other healthcare providers) online—on sites like HealthGrades.com and BookOfDoctors.com.
• The “use of social media for health is increasing.” National Research Corp. reports that 16 percent of American polled “use social media sites as a source of health care information.” (worldofdtsmarkeitng.com)
• Facebook advertising increased “a staggering 1,900%” from 2010 to 2011. (AllFacebook.com)

Dos and don’ts of social media: 

• Do be friendly and professional.
• Do make positive comments.
• Do become a trusted resource.
• Do post quality content (links, articles, videos, etc.).
• Do respond to questions and comments.
• Do reach out to others (friend, follow and comment).
• Do give credit to your content sources.
• Do be genuine.

• Don’t preach.
• Don’t ignore people who ask you questions or leave comments.
• Don’t argue with people or post negative comments (about people or other professions).
• Don’t just post random statements (and definitely don’t post private information about yourself or your patients).
• Don’t bring up touchy subjects (i.e. politics or religion).
• Don’t be in it just to get more patients. While social media can help you attract new patients, it’s really about building relationships.