One of the goals of Student Academic Support is to help you develop skills and strategies that contribute to a successful and satisfying Palmer educational experience. Academic Consultants can provide personalized help in determining your learning style and what study strategies may be most helpful for you. You are also encouraged to review our online printable study skills brochures.

Successful Learning Strategies


SLS-Communication 1: Communicating with Instructors

SLS-Communication 2: Active Listening Skills

Learning and Memory

SLS-Learn 1: Principal of College Learning: How to Retain all that Information

SLS-Flash 1: How to Make and Use Flashcard

SLS-Memory 4: Mnemonics

Stress Management

SLS-Stress Management: 102 Ways to Cope with Stress

Study Skills

SLS-Study 1: Factors that Influence Study Efficiency

Testing Strategies

SLS-Test 1: Multiple Choice Tests

SLS-Test 2: Cramming for Tests

SLS-Test 3: Analyzing "Returned" Tests

Test Anxiety Inventory

Time Management

SLS-Time 1: Managing your Time

SLS Time 2: Procrastination

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