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Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust

The Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust has been established to support Palmer College of Chiropractic by subsidizing educational development, offering scholarships to qualified students, and assisting Palmer College in any manner that aligns with progressing the Chiropractic profession.

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Dr. Nicholas Psaltis named DDPAT Outstanding Alumnus of the Year 

Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust State Representatives  Each Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust state representative is a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, affiliated with Palmer rugby and contributes to the Trust. The role of the representative is to help educate Palmer rugby alumni in his/her state about the Trust, its mission, vision, purpose and goals. Click here to find a current list of state representatives.

    Upcoming Events

    2016 Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust 5th Annual Sports and Chiropractic Symposium is being scheduled for April 2016.
    More details to follow.

    2014 Contributors to the Trust by Decade

    60s (1)

    Pearl: Dr. Marjorie Rosengren Johnson

    70s (12)

    Gold: Drs. Mark E. Boylan*, James C. Detelich, Arthur  J. Durham, Kevin G. Hearon
    Bronze: Drs. Richard L. Cole*, Barry L. McAlpine*
    Pearl: Dr. Glenda E. Foy*, Dr. Samuel and Joan Gamber, Drs. Gregory A. Jones*, Raymond E. Walker, Adam D. Wysocki

    80s (16)

    Diamond: Dr. Kurt V. Burbach
    Gold: Drs. Alfred E. Clapper, Jr.*, Edward D. Jennings*, William E. Muscara*, Nicklaus Psaltis*, Brian D. Reilly*, Leonard G. Saulter, Jr.*, James R. Schreppler, Eric L. Seiler*, Terry A. Smedstad*, Gary J. Weinstein*
    Silver: Dr.Robert C. Rendina*
    Bronze: Drs. David B. Lehenbauer*, Steven Scott Matz
    Pearl: Dr. Chris Hougen, Lois E. Kundel, C.T.*

    90s (13)

    Diamond: Drs. Todd L. Salow*, Dale F. Smith*
    Platinum: Dr. Anthony and Gina Chappie*
    Gold: Drs. C. Corey Colhoun*, Vincent J. Kalkowski*, Eric and Anna Lukosus*, Andrew G. Nelson, Lee M. Phelps*, Anthony Piana - Modern Chiropractic LLC*, John G. Vilkelis*, Cory A. Webb*
    Bronze: Drs. Mark E. Fleet*, Horace London
    Pearl: Dr. Matt Schmidt*

    00s (16)

    Platinum: Dr. Colin Hardy*, Jared D. Morrow*
    Gold: Drs. Timothy J. Erickson*, FJ Schofield*, Jeffrey C. Michael - Optimal Health Chiropractic
    Pearl: Drs. Steve P. Czys, Jr.*, Michael W. Dziurgot, Tracy C. Francis-Nguyen*, Kevin C. Gyurina*, Erik T. Hudak*, Ryan M. Hummel*, Teon S. Kowalyk*, Joshua J. Mason*, Jeffrey A. Meier*, Mark T. Olivetti*, Dr. Toby and Molly Scott*

    10s (3)

    Bronze: Dr. Ryan F. Dunphy*
    Pearl: Drs. Matthew T. Marry*, Matthew S. Phinney*

    Friends of the Trust (8)

    Diamond: Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust*, Standard Process, Inc.
    Platinum: R-Five, Inc. - Dale & Jill Grunwald
    Gold: Dr. Denise Vuich, Old Boys Rugby
    Pearl: Milesburg Chiropractic, Alexis Vander Horn

    Key for Annual Contributions:
    • < $499 -="" pearl="" />
    • $500-749 - Bronze Level
    • $750 - 999 - Silver Level
    • $1,000 - 1499 - Gold Level
    • $1,500 - 2,499 - Platinum Level
    • $2500 + - Diamond Level
    *Denotes Monthly Contributors

    Board Members

    Matthew Walker D.C.
    45 S Dunton Ave.
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005
    (847) 910-2567

    Lois Kundel MOL,CFRE
    (563) 884-5611

    Alexis Vander Horn MBA
    (563) 884-5102

    Board Member
    J Hartley D.C.
    215 Oglethorpe Blvd
    St. Augustine, FL 32080

    Board Member
    Robert Rendina D.C.
    103 West Georgia Ave.
    Ruston, LA 71270

    Board Member
    Todd Salow D.C.
    112 E Washington
    Washington, IA 52353

    Board Member
    John G. Vilkelis D.C.
    200 W. 57th Street, Suite 1010
    New York, NY 10019

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