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Education and Training

Title IX Response Team Training Program

College officials with responsibilities under the College's Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures Handbooks receive relevant, specialized training.


34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) requires all training materials used to train the individuals the College has assigned to respond to and resolve reports of sexual misconduct be posted publicly. This site facilitates the centralization of training materials developed by and owned by ATIXA, Academic Impressions, Parker Poe and Palmer College.

The materials posted to this site or for which links are provided are proprietary and are copyrighted and may be registered with the Library of Congress. The legal penalties for copyright infringement range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed, and the infringer pays for all attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Your right is a right of inspection and review of the materials on this site, only. No other right is granted beyond viewing. You are not authorized to copy, use, adapt, save, repost, share publicly, or alter any contents from this site. You are not permitted to use the materials on this site for training, or for any commercial purpose. Any such use may result in damages equivalent to the full-per-head registration costs to the applicable training, plus damages for reputational harm to ATIXA, Academic Impressions and/or Parker Poe in addition to any copyright infringement fines and/or penalties.

Proceeding to use and access the content on this page demonstrates your acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions.

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