Field Training Program

Program Location: West campus

The Field Training Program (FTP) is an off-campus educational experience for students in their last quarter on the West campus.

Through a mentorship with a licensed chiropractor, the intern has an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the everyday management of a private practice. The goal? To better prepare you for the transition from chiropractic student to private practitioner.

Objectives of the Field Training Program

  • Learn office procedures and staff management best practices through practical field experience
  • Observe, and at times perform, practical clinical and business management operations
  • Establish a mentor relationship with successful, prominent doctors of chiropractic
  • Experience usual and “specialized” chiropractic practices by observing the implementation of usual and special treatment protocols in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics and sports
  • Experience a highly practical clinical experience as a preparation program for entry-level professionals
  • Provide an opportunity for chiropractors in the field to serve the profession and cooperate in the preparation of entry-level professionals

What will you do?

Depending on the location of the field training, interns may perform a variety of patient care procedures under the direct supervision of the licensed chiropractor.

While an ideal Field Training Program would allow the intern to perform chiropractic adjustments, examinations and X-rays, state regulations may limit intern performance to the duties that a chiropractic assistant would perform or to observations only.

Participation in Palmer's Department of Defense/Veterans Affairs Student Rotation Program counts toward credit for the Field Training Program.

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