Graduation Requirements - M.S.

Palmer College of Chiropractic’s main campus in Davenport, Iowa Only

Get Ready to Graduate

  • You're required to complete an Intent-to-Graduate form when registering for the final academic term.
  • You're eligible to apply only if you have two or less deficit classes at the time the form is completed.
  • You also must meet the graduation requirements below.

Didn't graduate during the term in which you applied?
If you didn't graduate at the end of the academic term in which you applied, please reapply with the Student Administrative Services Office. Reapply during the first week of the next academic term. Turn in your form before or on the 15th day of classes. Registrar must approve late forms.

Five Final Steps to Graduate

1 – Complete the Program Requirements

You must successfully complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework including:

2 – Demonstrate Research Competencies

You will progress through these program milestones to prove competency to:

  • Evaluate and interpret scientific literature
  • Collaborate on research teams
  • Formulate research questions
  • Determine study aims and appropriate study designs to address the research questions
  • Prepare research proposals
  • Collect and manage data from research projects
  • Appropriately analyze data from research projects
  • Effectively communicate research findings to the scientific community
  • Perform ethical research
  • Contribute to public health knowledge by designing, conducting and participating in original research

3 – Wait for Final Academic Approval

  • The Academic Standing Committee meets the Monday prior to graduation and will have your grades in hand.
  • At this meeting, the Registrar will present the Intent-to-Graduate list for the committee’s approval.
  • The committee will review and determine all graduation appeals here.
  • The committee then sends the graduation list to the Academic Dean for final approval.

4 – Get Institutional Clearance

With an approved graduation list, the Registrar ensures that you are eligible for institutional clearance.

  • Graduating students are required to fulfill all outstanding obligations to the College at this time.

What if I don’t get institutional clearance?

The Academic Standing Committee and the Registrar are responsible for what happens next.

  • The Registrar removes you from the graduation list.
  • With a new application to the Registrar, the Committee has the option to reinstate you.

5 – Attend the Ceremony

  • Your attendance at the graduation exercise is mandatory.

What if I cannot attend?

The Vice Chancellor of Academics has the authority to excuse you in the event of an extreme circumstance. You'll need to apply to be excused with the Registrar.

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