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Campus Guides

The Palmer Campus Guides are mentors for new and prospective students. They conduct campus tours that are informative, interesting and entertaining, and provide you with an honest glimpse of what life at Palmer is like.

Get to know the Palmer Campus Guides below! 

Main Campus
Rebecca Axtman portrait

Rebecca Axtman

Hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Rebecca has moved to Palmer from Denver. Accompanying her are her husband Bryan and two teenage children, son Kellen and daughter Isabelle. (Oldest daughter Samantha is currently studying in the science field at University of Denver.) In her first trimester, she recognizes the challenging curriculum at Palmer, especially after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in communication and theatre in the 90s, but we all do things that scare us. Face the fear, embrace the climb. “Expect miracles” was one of B.J. Palmer’s famous epigrams, and that’s exactly what Rebecca is doing. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys hiking with her dog Guinness, gardening, and tending to chickens.

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Ashley Borunda portrait

Ashley Borunda

Ashley was born and raised in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. She was convinced that healthcare was the career path for her from a very young age. As a result, she pursued a bachelor of kinesiology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and graduated. She was first introduced to chiropractic care during her second year of undergraduate degree and fell in love with the profession. After shadowing some amazing Palmer alumni, she knew that Palmer College of Chiropractic was the next step after graduation. She loves the history of the profession and finds herself more inspired since moving to the epicenter of chiropractic development. Ashley looks forward to building a healing environment for her future patients and introducing more of the population to the wonders of Chiropractic!

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Sarah Bowen portrait

Sarah Bowen

Sarah grew up in Rochester, NY and graduated with her bachelor of science degree from St. John Fisher College. She was first introduced to chiropractic at a young age when her mother would take her to appointments for allergies and sport-related injuries. However, with increasing back pain, she sought care from numerous chiropractic, holistic, and medical providers over the course of 15 years, without much relief. Knowing her issue lied within the spine and searching for answers, she enrolled locally at New York Chiropractic College. However, after many months of no improvement and limited resources, she transferred to Palmer Davenport, where she has been steadily improving. Sarah can’t wait to learn all that Palmer has to offer and serve patients the same way she has been able to heal!

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Austin Clarke portrait

Austin Clarke

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Gabe Dickens portrait

Gabe Dickens

Gabe graduated from UNC-Wilmington on the coast of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science. He traded his surfboard for a snowboard and moved to Iowa to start school at Palmer in fall 2019. He was first exposed to chiropractic through his mom’s lower back injury when he was younger. Medical doctors told her she would need surgery, but she was able to avoid it, recover, and stay active with the help of a chiropractor. In his free time, Gabe enjoys writing music and playing pickle ball and disc golf.

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Sarah Fadel portrait

Sarah Fadel

Moving all the way from the East Coast, Sarah grew up in Whitehall, a small town in Pennsylvania. She graduated from the heart of Philadelphia’s Temple University with her Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology. Sarah worked as an aide and Arabic translator for international families coming from the Middle East, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She wanted to learn all that chiropractic can do for children as well as those families who are unaware of this profession. She knew the best place to learn all that chiropractic embodies would be the school that started it all, Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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Randi Hahn portrait

Randi Hahn

Randi grew up in Boone, Iowa. After graduating high school, she attended Iowa State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and health. Randi always knew she wanted to go into the health care field, but was unsure of what she wanted to pursue until her junior year of college. She shadowed a female chiropractor and instantly knew that chiropractic was the profession for her. She fell in love with the care the doctor was providing and the emphasis on allowing the body heal itself from the inside out. Randi is following in the footsteps of her grandfather and uncle who were Palmer graduates themselves and could not be happier with her decision to attend Palmer.

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Katie Pan Harrington portrait

Katie Pan Harrington

Katie Pan (KP) is from Chicago, IL and graduated from St. Olaf College with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and management studies. During her gap year, she got her personal trainer certification (ACE) and was Chiropractic Assistant at a family-focused office. Here, she found herself talking about family chiropractic and the benefits it has on moms and babies. KP is passionate about chiropractic and what it can do for so many people (and even animals, like her blind and deaf dog Oliver). She can’t wait to start helping out in her community and be there for her future patients as part of her own family!

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Maddy Janssen portrait

Maddy Janssen

­­­­­In high school, Maddy decided she wanted to become a chiropractor. While at an internship, she was given a book to read. This book talked about the history of chiropractic and the Palmer family. When she began to look into schooling and what it would take to become a chiropractor, she found Palmer College of Chiropractic. When she realized this was the same school that was opened by the Palmer family, she began her journey to get herself to Palmer. She is now a student at her dream school, Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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Joshua Johnson portrait

Joshua Johnson

Joshua knew he wanted to come to Palmer College from an early age. With a family full of chiropractors, he was surrounded by their influence and was able to see how much they were able to help people. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Penn State in biobehavioral health and nutritional sciences, just under an hour drive from his small hometown of Clearfield, PA, he packed up and headed a little bit farther away from home to Palmer College of Chiropractic. Josh looks forward to everything he will learn at Palmer, to making his family proud as the thirteenth chiropractor in it, and to one day making an impact in his patient’s lives.

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William Kinney portrait

William Kinney

Born and raised in Mississauga, Canada, William became heavily involved in sports from an early age. Exposed to a variety of competitive sports, he pursued fencing, climbing national and international ranks to become a member of Canada’s Under 20 Team. William graduated with honors from the University of Toronto in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. During his time with the faculty, he decided to pursue chiropractic, following his passion of making a difference in other people’s lives.

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Alex Klein portrait

Alex Klein

Alex chose Palmer College because of its reputation as the leading chiropractic college in the world. Palmer College also carries a large focus on research and generously invests resources into chiropractic research. Having the largest chiropractic research center in the United States, right on campus, was very important to Alex and showed that Palmer College continues to advance the profession to promote health.

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Emma Rae Langdon portrait

Emma Rae Langdon

Emma Rae (she/hers) grew up near Denver, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder with degrees in both neuroscience and psychology. She's currently Treasurer of the Campus Guides organization, President of the SACA Chapter on campus, Vice President of the Forward-Thinking Chiropractic Club, and a Research Investigator at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research. In her free time, Emma Rae likes to train combat sports and play the piano.

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Kate McKenzie portrait

Kate McKenzie

Kate grew up in Elora, Ontario, Canada. Her love of science brought her to the University of Guelph where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biological science. During her final year of undergraduate studies, she discovered chiropractic as she began experiencing back problems. After experiencing amazing results from chiropractic, she knew a career helping people would be perfect for her and Palmer College of Chiropractic was the place to start. In her spare time, Kate loves learning new skills through technique clubs, volunteering in the community, and spending time with her personal trainer at the gym.

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Ali Morgan portrait

Ali Morgan

Born and raised in Cody, Wyoming, a mere 60 miles from the East Entrance of Yellowstone, Ali grew up exploring. She found a love for dance at an early age, and through her local dance studio, was able to perform in the halftimes of multiple college Bowl games and attend classes in New York City. When Ali reached college, she quickly began searching for her passion and found it in anatomy and physiology classes. Throughout her undergraduate courses, Ali began understanding that what she wanted out of her career was more than a “9 to 5 - pay the bills” occupation. Through a lot of serendipitous events, Ali discovered chiropractic and then Palmer. It wasn’t long after reading about Palmer and the Palmer family that she felt the same draw that many other students also do. Within months of her Admissions Counselor calling every other week to ask about her progress, she knew this profession was different in all the best ways possible, and headed here to Davenport, Iowa.  Ali’s career objective is to provide chiropractic care and education to her future community.  She is currently pursuing a yoga teacher training certification to blend together the benefits of yoga and chiropractic to best serve her patients. Outside of chiropractic and yoga, Ali loves spending time outdoors, hanging out with her cat and spending time with family.

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Laura Price portrait

Laura Price

Laura was born in Waterford, Ireland, but was raised in Rochelle, Illinois. She graduated from Kishwaukee College with an A.S. in biological sciences and a degree in therapeutic massage. She continued studying at Northern Illinois University and completed a B.A. in Spanish language and literature with a minor in biology while working full time as a massage therapist. After graduation, Laura continued to work and travel, eventually living abroad. Ultimately, Laura decided to return to the U.S. to pursue chiropractic. She chose Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa because of its goal for the future, “a future of unlimited health and human potential.” In her free time, Laura enjoys playing pickle ball, swimming and trying new restaurants.

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Monica Puetz portrait

Monica Puetz

Monica was raised in Wyndmere, a small town in North Dakota. She attended college at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota and graduated in 2019 with her bachelor's in kinesiology. Monica was exposed to chiropractic at a very young age and was inspired to attend this historic campus by her chiropractor, a Palmer alumnus. She has a passion for helping people and can’t wait to see where chiropractic will take her in the future.

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Ellie Stoakes portrait

Ellie Stoakes

Ellie Stoakes grew up in Gladbrook, Iowa. After attending Central College, where she received a bachelor's degree in exercise science, she chose to further pursue healthcare at Palmer. Ellie has a passion for interacting with people and caring for others. Through her education at Palmer and involvement in Campus Guides, Ellie hopes to gain the confidence, knowledge and integrity to care for patients in the future. She learned from her time at Palmer already that it is not just the technique within chiropractic that matters; it’s also learning how to approach people and talk about chiropractic care, how to market your business and reach out to the community.

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Faith Swartzendruber portrait

Faith Swartzendruber

Faith Swartzendruber grew up in Champaign, Illinois.  From a young age she knew she loved educating and helping people. Through becoming an elementary teacher she was able to put these passions together, but her interest in how the human body functions grew stronger. After some years in the classroom, she decided to pursue a career in chiropractic and knew Palmer was the only choice for her. She is proud to be a part of the history and legacy of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

ContactFaith Swartzendruber
Florida Campus
Omar Abderhman portrait

Omar Abderhman

Omar is a northern Virginia native, originally from Egypt, with a Bachelor of Science degree from George Mason University. Since a young age, Omar was inspired by a doctor’s ability in aiding patients to a better state of health, relieving them from pain and/or illness. He believes that knowledge bonded with a genuine purpose to help others can be very powerful.

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Sarah Brooks portrait

Sarah Brooks

Sarah grew up in Naples, Florida and considers herself an athlete at heart who loves any form of competition. She began her collegiate career at Florida Atlantic University in pursuit of a pre-med degree. At one point, she even aspired to become an oral surgeon. However, working as an office manager one summer for Jared Van Wagner, D.C., completely changed her academic path. This experience led her to transfer to Hodges University, where she could continue her education while learning best practices for running an elite chiropractic office from Dr. Wagner. Sarah graduated with a B.S. in biomedical sciences and married her high school sweetheart that same summer. Sarah is on track to graduate in September of 2022 from Palmer's Florida campus.

ContactSarah Brooks
Solomon Champagne portrait

Solomon Champagne

Solomon attended Saginaw Valley State University majoring in exercise science, with a minor in philosophy. He participated as a member of the rugby team, where he found his love for strength and conditioning. While at SVSU, he served as a strength and conditioning intern, where he helped coach every team at his college. As a competitive rugby player, chiropractic care was essential for getting Solomon back to the field. It was an easy transition after his undergraduate education to pursue a career in chiropractic at Palmer Florida.

ContactSolomon Champagne
Jordan Clark portrait

Jordan Clark

Jordan is originally from Manalapan, New Jersey and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama. Originally pursing a degree in nursing, Jordan had a career change after a traumatic low back pain that resulted in surgery. After learning that the surgical procedure could have been prevented with the use of chiropractic care, she decided to learn more about the profession and all that it had to offer. Jordan enjoys the idea of a non-invasive, holistic approach to wellness, and hopes that she can educate the community on the importance of incorporating chiropractic care into each patient’s daily life.

ContactJordan Clark
Carolina Esquivel portrait

Carolina Esquivel

Carolina is a Florida native from Miami, Florida; she moved up to Orlando for undergrad where she attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with her degree in Biomedical Sciences. She originally intended on becoming a DO but when it came time to begin the medical school application process, she quickly realized that it was not the career for her. After shadowing a ton of local chiropractors in the area, she felt a sense of relief in pursuing her DC degree. She strongly believes in the holistic approach behind chiropractic and stands by the statement to treat the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog Colby, relaxing at the beach, and going on a good bike ride around town. She hopes to open her own clinic someday to help her local community live subluxation free while simultaneously educating her patients on all which that chiropractic has to offer. 

ContactCarolina Esquivel
Anna Gerteisen portrait

Anna Gerteisen

Anna grew up in Dallas, Texas, but after high school she decided to go out-of-state for college. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology. During college, she cheered for all four years, but was pulled senior year for a shoulder injury. Someone recommended to her that she should see a chiropractor, which she had no previous knowledge of, but, decided to try it as nothing else seemed to help. After visiting a chiropractor and having her shoulder pain decrease, and performance increased, she decided to learn more about this field of study. She began to shadow the same chiropractor and decided that this was such an amazing field to be a part of.

ContactAnna Gerteisen
Mariah Hargrove portrait

Mariah Hargrove

Mariah is from Canton, North Carolina. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biological anthropology from Appalachian State University. Mariah chose a career in chiropractic after a disc injury that was overlooked by many until a chiropractor discovered it. Mariah always knew she wanted a career helping others, but was never sure what, until she found chiropractic. She immediately knew it was the career for her; she will be returning to North Carolina upon graduation in hopes of opening a practice.

ContactMariah Hargrove
Noelle Orr portrait

Noelle Orr

Noelle was born and raised in southern New Jersey and graduated from Cairn University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Science in counseling. She has lived in Florida since the 6th grade but still has fond memories of snow. She has wanted to be a chiropractor since age 10 having received regular chiropractic adjustments since the age of three months. She designed her educational experiences around this goal, interning with two different Palmer alumni. She believes her background in psychology and counseling will further equip her to accomplish chiropractic’s goal of looking past the superficial symptoms to find and treat the underlying causes. Noelle hopes to one day work overseas in missions.

ContactNoelle Orr
Brittany Pase portrait

Brittany Pase

Brittany is a Washington State native that has lived in Florida for the past 10 years. She moved to Crestview, Florida before her freshman year of high school, where she would graduate Summa Cum Laude. Following her high school career, she decided to attend the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL, where she would continue her volleyball career for the Ospreys on the division 1 beach volleyball team. While playing for UNF, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and master’s degree in exercise science & chronic diseases. The education and experiences she has gained throughout these years have guided her ambitions to become the most successful chiropractor possible. While she is not in school, Brittany enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, sports, playing with her dog Scout and all things coffee.

ContactBrittany Pase
Nicholas Peil portrait

Nicholas Peil

Nick is originally from the small town of Auburn, Michigan, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology and a minor in nutrition from Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!), near his hometown. While at CMU, he served as a sports nutrition intern for the Athletic Department, focused on working with the members of the baseball program. Additionally, he led the research and development of a dietary supplement, marketed towards collegiate athletes to help with post-exercise recovery. Being a competitive tennis player, Nick relied on chiropractic care from an early age to remain healthy and recover from nagging injuries. Quickly realizing how much this profession can change people’s lives, Nick decided to pursue a chiropractic career at Palmer. When he is not studying or in class, Nick likes to listen to motivational podcasts, watch movies, play tennis, or go on nature walks to stay active.

ContactNicholas Peil
Melnixa Ruiz portrait

Melnixa Ruiz

Melnixa is from Dorado, Puerto Rico. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus is where she majored in biology and minored in Chinese mandarin. She was born and raised into a chiropractic family, her dad is a Palmer Alumni from Davenport, Iowa since 1979. Her older brother is also enrolled in Palmer Florida a few quarters ahead of her. She has always been interested in alternative medicine and how chiropractic care is so essential to your everyday wellbeing. It is an honor and privilege for her to be able to continue her family legacy in the art of chiropractic under Palmer’s philosophy. 

ContactMelnixa Ruiz
Kyna Sanchez portrait

Kyna Sanchez

Originally from central New York, Kyna studied biotechnology and chemistry at SUNY ESF in Syracuse, New York. During her time in undergrad, she spent her free time playing soccer and hiking. After graduating she spent time traveling around the U.S. and living in Puerto Rico before applying to Palmer College. She is currently a Quarter 7 student who is passionate about improving her skills every day and continuing to learn about the intricate connections of the body. When she is not studying on campus, or at home, she enjoys tending to her garden, surfing, skating, and playing ukulele.

ContactKyna Sanchez
Trevor Sayers portrait

Trevor Sayers

Trevor is from Barnstable, Massachusetts and attended Castleton University (VT) for his bachelor's degree in athletic training. After completing his four years of studies in Vermont, he attended Texas State University where he received a Master of Science degree. Following this two-year stint in Texas, Trevor began working for the Pittsburgh Pirates at their academy in the Dominican Republic. After several influential exposures to the profession of Chiropractic, he decided to change his course of direction and pursue a fulfilling career in Chiropractic. This decision has brought him a renewed sense of purpose and he is excited about the potential opportunities that will arise post-graduation.

ContactTrevor Sayers
Joseph Shamp portrait

Joseph Shamp

Joey is an aspiring third generation chiropractor. He grew up around the profession, but never considered it as a career until his freshman year of college at Southeastern University. Throughout undergrad, he conducted bio-medical research by synthesizing penicillin analogs. When graduation came, he considered a master’s degree and continuing his research efforts, but influence from his mother and grandfather, along with a passion for health and the idea of helping people reach an optimum level of health, made chiropractic an obvious choice. Outside of school, Joey enjoys going to the gym, making and drinking coffee, and reading. After graduation, Joey plans on returning home to Sarasota to join his mother’s chiropractic practice.

ContactJoseph Shamp
Jenna Sodano portrait

Jenna Sodano

Jenna is originally from Jackson, New Jersey and graduated from Salisbury University receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science. Jenna discovered chiropractic after a few lacrosse injuries and has not looked back since. She always knew she wanted to be in the health profession field but did not find her niche until she visited a chiropractor. She believes in achieving health naturally and in a non-invasive way, which is exactly what this profession encompasses. Jenna is excited to learn everything chiropractic has to offer and soon be able to educate the community and help others. 

ContactJenna Sodano
Tyra Trapp portrait

Tyra Trapp

Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, Tyra was a multi-sport athlete her entire life. It was not until her senior year of high school where her mother insisted she seek chiropractic treatment primarily for correction of her posture. Upon her treatments she experienced and witnessed first-hand how a chiropractor does much more than just fix bad posture. It was then that she ultimately decided she wanted to be a chiropractor. Tyra began her academic journey graduating with a Bachelor of Science, from Anderson University in kinesiology. Now, currently she is a student here at Palmer Florida. She has made it her mission to prove that those who believe, “chiropractors are not real doctors,” are drastically wrong. She feels our society today is so quick to prescribe medicine or resort to surgery when often it is not necessary. Now six years from senior year of high school, Palmer college has provided her with the skills and knowledge to accomplish her goals.  

ContactTyra Trapp
Alexis Trevorrow portrait

Alexis Trevorrow

Alexis is from a small town in Pennsylvania called Hollsopple, located roughly 55 miles outside of Pittsburg. Alexis went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate where she earned her B.S in natural science with a minor in chemistry. Alexis chose chiropractic as a career because she wants to help people. Chiropractic had a big impact on her life because she was heavily involved in sports as she grew up, so she did see a chiropractor regularly. They were always there to help her and get her back to where she needed to be for game day. Chiropractic changed her and she would like to do the same for her future patients.

ContactAlexis Trevorrow
Stephanie Williams portrait

Stephanie Williams

Steph is originally from Eastlake, Ohio and attended the University of Pittsburgh on a full ride scholarship to play volleyball. She became a 3-time All-American as the program rose to new heights and studied exercise science, graduating Magna Cum Laude. While playing professionally in Switzerland, she was undecided what her next step would be. After researching the profession more, she applied to chiropractic school and could not be more thrilled with her decision. She is excited to own her own practice upon graduation and expand the benefits of chiropractic medicine to those in her community.

ContactStephanie Williams
West Campus
Blake Ackerman portrait

Blake Ackerman

Blake grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada. From a young age, he involved himself in many different competitive sports, such as hockey and basketball. He eventually got involved in professional dance during his time in high school. Being involved in all of these physical activities, Blake sought out chiropractic care and loved every aspect of what it had to offer. After learning more, and speaking with several Palmer West Alumni, he decided to attend Palmer West for his education. In addition to being a Campus Guide, he is also a member of Sports Council and active in Pediatrics Club. He hopes to return to Canada to practice in a diverse clinic while maintaining a focus on aiding young athletes.

ContactBlake Ackerman
McKenzie Cervini portrait

McKenzie Cervini

Mckenzie grew up in Leamington, ON, Canada, and attended the University of Windsor, where she graduated with a B.S in biological sciences. From a young age she was drawn to a career in health care, due to her desire to help others and her interests in the human body. Following multiple shadowing and volunteering opportunities, Mckenzie was introduced to the career of chiropractic, and its holistic, non-invasive and successful approach to health and wellness. Deciding to attend Palmer West was an easy decision, as following her campus tour, she felt welcomed and proud to have the opportunity to study at an evidence-based institution built by the founders of chiropractic. Following graduation, Mckenzie hopes to open her own practice(s) in order to help heal, provide happiness and guide healthy lives for all.

ContactMcKenzie Cervini
Howie Chang portrait

Howie Chang

Howie Chang grew up locally in San Jose, CA, where he attended University of California, San Diego and earned his B.S. in public policy. While preparing for law school admissions, Howie hurt his back in a jiujitsu sparring accident and found himself seeing a chiropractor for the first time. Having experienced the benefits of chiropractic care first hand, Howie switched careers and decided to attend Palmer West for its emphasis on evidence-based chiropractic care, welcoming school community, and networking opportunities. After graduation, Howie hopes to open up a wellness center in San Jose and be involved in lobbying efforts for chiropractic.

ContactHowie Chang
Evangelyn Di Bacco portrait

Evangelyn Di Bacco

Evangelyn grew up in Orillia, Ontario, Canada and graduated from Brock University with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. While volunteering at a research center for people with spinal cord injuries, she realized she wanted to pursue a holistic health care profession. Her mom also played a large role in her decision to become a chiropractor, as she always encouraged and exemplified a holistic lifestyle. Evangelyn shadowed local chiropractors during university and was even treated by one for whiplash following a MVA. During recovery, her choice to become a chiropractor was solidified as her treatment plan encompassed not only her injury, but the role chiropractic care had in her everyday life. Evangelyn was drawn to Palmer West because of its evidence-based curriculum, amazing extra-curricular opportunities and the Bay Area itself. In addition to serving as a Campus Guide, she is a member of Sports Council and SACA. When Evangelyn graduates, she plans to practice in a multidisciplinary setting either in Canada or the USA.

ContactEvangelyn Di Bacco
Earl Macy portrait

Macy Earl

Macy grew up in Estevan SK, Canada, where she played many sports at a competitive level, which unfortunately caused her several injuries; however, it also gave her first-hand experience with physiotherapists, exercise therapists and chiropractors. She graduated with a B.S. in kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan. Through gaining further practical experience shadowing chiropractors and engaging in numerous discussions with them regarding the profession, Macy knew this was the career for her. She discovered it’s a profession that goes beyond fitness and integrates multiple domains of musculoskeletal health, while also allowing her to build connections with patients and assist them in improving their quality of life. Macy was drawn to Palmer West by the smaller campus feel and comradery amongst the student body which focuses on helping each other succeed towards their goal of becoming a chiropractor. In addition to being a Campus Guide, Macy is also a member of Sports Council. In her free time Macy enjoys outdoors activities, playing sports and trying new recipes. After graduating Macy plans to return to Canada to practice.

ContactMacy Earl
Hunter Forst portrait

Hunter Forst

Hunter was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, before moving to attend Dixie State University in St. George. Here, he graduated with his B.S. degree in exercise science. Hunter was involved with sports and chiropractic at a young age. He golfed and raced dirt bikes competitivly his whole life, leading to chronic trauma on the spine. After years of treatment, he fell in love with the holistic approach chiropractic had. While working under a family friend in Boise, who was a Palmer West Alumni, Hunter found his passion and saw the impact chiropractic can have on, not just athletes, but any individual. He found that Palmer West had the most physiological-approached program and great clubs/extracurricular activities offered. Once on campus, he quickly joined Campus Guides to help other students choose the right program for themselves and got into Sports Council to help with the various sporting events. When not buried in the books, Hunter loves hitting his sticks on the golf course or mountain biking in the hills. Hunter plans on moving back to Boise to develop his diversified sports-focused practice.

ContactHunter Forst
Morgan Fortier portrait

Morgan Fortier

Morgan is from Walled Lake, Michigan. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.S. in interdisciplinary health services with a minor in holistic health and wellness. Having always had an interest in alternative medicine and the drive to make a difference in people’s lives, pursuing chiropractic has been the perfect fit. Palmer’s evidence-based approach to chiropractic and intimate campus led Morgan to choose Palmer West. She is a member of Sports Council, Campus Guides, SABCA and is a tutor for Gross Anatomy. As a traveler at heart, Morgan is not sure where her career in chiropractic will take her, but open minded for the future.

ContactMorgan Fortier
Jonathan Fuentes portrait

Jonathan Fuentes

Jonathan is a native of Burbank, California, who earned his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on applied fitness from California State University, Northridge. Growing up, he played different types of sports and knew he wanted to work with athletes. After initially considering a career in physical therapy, he visited the college’s chiropractor where he was introduced to the profession. After committing to pursue a career in chiropractic, Jonathan visited Palmer West’s “Palmerpalooza,” where he met a good number of like-minded individuals that care tremendously about the holistic approach to health care. In addition to serving with Campus Guides, Jonathan is also a part of Sports Council and the Soft Tissue Club. He plans to either return back home to Southern California or stay in the Bay Area and work with athletes to improve their overall performance or rehabilitate injuries.

ContactJonathan Fuentes
Shayan Ghafari portrait

Shayan Ghafari

A native of Washington, D.C., Shayan attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, majoring in biological sciences. After initially considering a career as an osteopathic physiatrist, Shayan’s own physical challenges piqued his interest in functional and holistic medicine. After working as a physical therapist technician for nearly three years, and receiving chiropractic care during this time, he decided the best way to combine his passion for science and movement was to merge the two. After attending Palmerpalooza, Shayan decided to pursue his chiropractic career at Palmer West. He quickly discovered the West campus provided him with the optimal learning environment, for its program-specific features and extracurricular activities. When not working on class-related assignments, or studying for exams, Shayan enjoys heading outdoors to connect with nature, stimulating his creative energy as a DJ, or listening to different styles of music. When Shayan graduates, he hopes to develop a sports-focused practice.

ContactShayan Ghafari
Gabrielle Giodarno portrait

Gabrielle Giodarno

Gabby grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with both her Bachelor’s in business administration and her Master’s in international business. While Gabby has always had a passion for health and wellness, she pursued a career in business after feeling disillusioned by the traditional medical field. She spent several years working in technology marketing and as group fitness coach. Through coaching, she found herself wanting to pursue a career in healthcare that could incorporate her passion for helping others improve their health and fitness. Gabby made the choice to pursue chiropractic to merge her love for wellness with her business background in hopes of one day opening her own practice. In addition to serving as a Campus Guide, Gabby is involved in the Palmer West Sports Council and the Palmer Center for Business Development. Outside of her studies, Gabby enjoys hiking, boxing, boating, and traveling. After graduation, Gabby plans to establish a sports-focused practice in California or Florida.

ContactGabrielle Giodarno
Sena Griffith portrait

Sena Griffith

Sena grew up in the Northern California town of Cotati, and attended the University of California, Merced, where she earned her B.S. in developmental biology. Sena’s life-long ambition to enter the health care field began with her goal of becoming a trauma surgeon. As she realized how much her life revolved around “relationship building,” she began to explore other health professions. Her decision to pursue a chiropractic career was strongly impacted by personal experience. When medications prescribed for a severe cheerleading injury as a teen not only failed to help her heal, but adversely impacted her life in other ways, she sought chiropractic care – which enabled her to continue cheerleading (through high school and college), and enjoy other recreational activities. A career day program at UC-Merced sparked her interest in chiropractic as a profession – and positive feedback from doctors whom she shadowed – helped confirm she’d made the right choice to attend Palmer West. In addition to Campus Guides, Sena’s other activities include the Sports Council, as well as the Applied Kinesiology and Soft Tissue Clubs. When she graduates, Sena hopes to establish her practice back home in Sonoma County.

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Cat Heidgerken portrait

Cat Heidgerken

Cat grew up in Texas, where she attended the University of Texas at El Paso, and graduated in 2018 with her B.S. in health promotion. She began to pursue her interest in a health-care related career in 2012, when she trained as a yoga teacher and received her yoga therapy certification. As part of her personal health care journey to heal a chronic injury, Cat found chiropractic. The discovery was fortuitous on two levels: the care she received for her injury as a patient put her on the pathway to recovery – and ignited her passion to pursue a career in the chiropractic profession. Cat says the evidenced-based curriculum, welcoming community, and Palmer’s great networking opportunities were among the reasons she chose to attend the West campus. While Cat is not sure where she would like to practice once she graduates, she hopes to serve as a chiropractor to performers and athletes.

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Shannon Jones portrait

Shannon Jones

Shannon is from Calgary, A.B. Canada and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge. She grew up as the daughter of a chiropractor and physiotherapist, so she has always had strong ties toward alternative medicine. Playing competitive sports for the majority of her life lead her to many athletic injuries, and her ability to recover and perform was highly dependent on regular chiropractic and physiotherapy care. Her passion for sports drew her to the chiropractic profession, as she has always wanted to work with athletes. Shannon chose chiropractic because it is a fast paced, multidisciplinary field that provides a lot of freedom and variety in what you get to do in each treatment. Aside from being a Campus Guide, she is an Executive Event Coordinator of the International Student’s Club and a member of Sports Council. After graduating, she plans to return back to Canada and practice in the family business with the goal of helping all her patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Friede Kiernan portrait

Friede Kiernan

Friede grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and received her Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology from the University of Calgary. Growing up, Friede participated in many different types of sports which led her to experience quite a few injuries. After seeking out many different modalities to help with these injuries, she found chiropractic to be the only thing to help. This great experience, along with working in the chiropractic clinic for many years, guided her to choose this pursue chiropractic as a profession. Friede chose to attend Palmer West for their diverse learning opportunities, evidence-based approach, and amazing location. In addition to being a Campus Guide, Friede is also a peer tutor, and is active in various clubs such as pediatrics, sports council, MPI, R2P and soft tissue. Upon completion of the program, she hopes to return home to Canada and join a family practice, specializing in pre/postnatal and pediatric chiropractic.

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Teneal Mofford portrait

Teneal Mofford

A native of Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada, Teneal began her schooling at Red Deer College in the pre-chiropractic program. From there, she finished her pre-requisites in New Zealand before returning to be closer to home. Teneal knew from a young age that she wanted to study chiropractic as her mom, Tanis Gehrke-Mofford, D.C. (West,’91) and grandfather, Richard Gehrke, D.C. (Main,’70) showed how powerful and helpful the art of chiropractic can be. Competing in multiple sports growing up, the help that Teneal received from her family was exactly what she wanted to be able to offer her future patients. Teneal chose Palmer West because of her interest in sports chiropractic as well as the countless opportunities that Palmer West provides their students. In addition to being a campus guide, Teneal is a member of Sports Council and is currently the secretary of student FICS Club. She plans to return to Rocky Mountain House and work alongside her grandfather at their new multidisciplinary clinic.

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Rami Shnoudi portrait

Rami Shnoudi

Rami grew up in San Francisco, California, but decided to move to Nevada where he attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas, graduating with his B.S. in kinesiology. Rami's initial path was to pursue physical therapy, but once he began shadowing at a chiropractic clinic, he found his interest in chiropractic. Rami’s decision to pursue a path in chiropractic was also driven from his younger cousin who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Rami was able to experience first-hand that integrating a chiropractic approach gave his family hope in slowing down the degenerative process. Therefore, when he ultimately chose to pursue this career path, he knew Palmer West was the perfect fit. Palmer West’s mission statement aligned perfectly with Rami, because he hopes to continue to work in his community and continue to research alternative ways to ultimately give patients a better quality of life. In addition to serving as a Campus Guide, Rami is involved in the Palmer West Sports Council. Outside of his studies, Rami enjoys hiking, basketball, football, and traveling. After graduation, Rami plans to establish a sports-focused practice in California.

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Brody Thomson portrait

Brody Thomson

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada, Brody attended the University of Saskatchewan where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology. Growing up in a world of sports, Brody always found interest in challenging the human body to reach new limits. However, it wasn’t until he began studying anatomy in university that he knew he wanted to pursue a career related to the human body. Through the combination of his love for sports and human dynamics, the career of chiropractic became a main focus. Due to the shining reputation of the Sports Council Club as well as through different recommendations from current chiropractors, the choice to attend Palmer West was one of no doubt. On top of being involved with campus guides, Brody is also a member of sports council, soft tissues club, and the Palmer West Hockey Club. Upon graduating, Brody plans to return back home to Canada and one day open his own chiropractic practice.

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Fernando Vaca portrait

Fernando Vaca

Fernando is from Petaluma, California and attended the University of La Verne, where he earned his B.S. in kinesiology. Knowing that he wanted to be somewhere in the medical field, he began exploring his options from an early undergraduate. After personal experience with a skilled chiropractor, he eventually decided that chiropractic was the right profession for him. He chose to attend Palmer West because it is close to home and it provided many opportunities for him to become an excellent chiropractor. In addition to being apart of Campus Guides, Fernando is also member of Sport Council and is active in the Soft Tissue Club. Once he graduates, he plans to move back to the North Bay and establish his own sports and family chiropractic practice near his hometown of Petaluma. 

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