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Fountainhead Endowment Society

Endowment is the lifeblood of the College -- a critical measure of its strength. For endowment donors, their gift is deeply personal. Donors often choose to honor a loved one or someone who had a major influence on their life or career.

Members of the Fountainhead Endowment Society are donors who establish a named endowed fund of $10,000 or more, or an endowed scholarship of $25,000 or more.

As a Fountainhead Endowment Society member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Perpetual recognition in donor honor rolls
  • An annual donor-impact report
  • A personalized, annual fund or scholarship report
  • Invitations to special events during Homecoming festivities
  • Special opportunities to meet with scholarship recipients to see your impact on Palmer students and chiropractic education

blue circle with a symbolized fountain in the middle and the words Fountainhead Endowment Society following the curves edge

Your extraordinary gifts will be life-changing for generations of future chiropractors and will strengthen the College and the chiropractic profession.

Fountainhead Endowment Society Honor Roll


* Employee
† Deceased
Philip Arnone, DC and Tracey Arnone
Dr. Herbert F. Bahr †
Dr. Emory G. Baldwin †
Joel Beane, DC and Rita Frederick
Dr. Frank E. Bemis Jr, †
Anita Bigo, DC
John Bottorff Sr., DC and Carol Bottorff†
Kenneth Brough, DC and Robin Strang
Dr. Gayle A. Carpenter †
Scott Casteel, DC
David Wan-Hau Chan, DC
Henry H. K. Chan, DC
Michael Chance, DC and Sandra Chance
Frederick Cochran, DC and Margaret Sherman, DC
Robert Corbett, DC and B. JoAnne Corbett, DC
Donna Craft, DC and Marty Godin
Keith Cronk Jr., DC and Joyce Cronk
Todd Curzie, DC
Charles Dabrowski Jr., DC and Delores Dabrowski
Marlin Dahl, DC and Jenene Dahl
John G. Donovan, DC
Glenn Doty, DC and Leigh Doty†
Donald Dressen, DC
Elizabeth Elliott, DC and Mark Elliott
Dr. Norris A. Erickson †
Dr. Elmer W. Ferguson †
Dr. Luther S. Frondal †
Dr. William B. Gallagher †
Armand Gilbo, DC and Sharon Gilbo
Dr. Frank J. Gough †
Dr. James O. Hagen †
Vione Halverson-Standish, DC and Chad Standish
Gordon Hasick, DC
Forrest Heise, DC
Richard Herfert, DC
Dr. Steven T. Hernandez †
Kenneth J. Hogan, DC
Dr. William F. Holmberg †
Marc Johnson, DC
Palmera Kabana, DC†
Charles Keller, DC
William J. Kiernan, DC and Mary A. Kiernan
Willie Kindred, DC and Sandra Kindred
Larry Landers, DC †
Marc J. Leitson, DC
Arthur Lensgraf, DC
Douglas Leon, DC and Debora Leon
Stanley Levine, DC and Marilyn Levine
William Livermore, DC
James Loftus, DC and Mary Loftus
Dr. Joyce A. London †
Ralph L. Love, DC
Rolland Lucas, DC and Eileen Lucas, DC†
Carol Malcheff, DC†
Peter Martin, DC*
Dr. Andrew L. Mathias †
Charlotte Matityahu, DC and Eldad Matityahu
Randy McCall, DC and Wanda McCall
Norwood McMahon, DC
Eddie Merrill, DC and Allyson Merrill
Dr. Glenn N. Miller †
Roland Miller, DC and Sally Miller
J.G. Moellendorf, DC and Sharon Moellendorf†
Dr. Garth A. Moore †
Tom Morgan, DC and Mary Ann Morgan
Arthur Mork, DC and Esther Mork, DC†
James Musick, DC and Patricia Musick
Dr. George R. Nease †
Hans Nielsen, DC and Alma Nielsen†
Ronald G. Nikolich, DC
Joseph Palonis, DC
Rolf Peters, DC
Paul Peterson, DC and Alice Peterson
Dr. Richard A. Pokorny †
Dr. Galen R. Price †
Warren Pyne, DC and Gretchan Pyne
Jeffrey Rapp, DC and Maria Rapp, DC
Saroja Reddy, DC†
Brian Reilly, DC and Lisa Reilly
Roger Roff, DC and Trudy Roff
Frank J. Sartz, DC and Irene Sartz†
Dr. Raymond T. Schmelzle †
Dr. Don R. Schwendemann †
Dr. Dennis G. Semlow †
J. Randall Short, DC
Willard M. Smith, DC
Dr. Charles D. Smith †
Dr. Frank R. Sovinsky †
Dr. Lula M. Stevenson †
Ross Stokes, DC†
Jefferson Teass, DC
Dr. Nathaniel R. Tuck Sr., †
Dr. Arthur L. Warta †
Dr. Samuel G. Wenger †
J. Calvin Wenger, DC and Shirley Wenger
Ronald Wilcox, Jr., DC and Debra Wilcox
John Wilke, DC and Sharon Wilke
Dr. Hugh S. Williams †
Jerry Willis, DC
Ronald Woods, DC and Marilyn Woods
Dr. Robert R. Zinser †


* Employee
† Deceased
Richard and Judith Adams
Beverly Baker
Ms. Katherine M. Dale †
Martha Dehn
Mrs. Florence E. Diehl †
Carol and Richard Evans
Mary Evans
Margaret Frondal†
Kimberly Honert
Mrs. Leonard Kostelnak †
Donna Laliberte
Peter Laliberte, DC and Jane Laliberte
Ms. Bernice E. London †
Steve and Barb Melbourne*
Darrel Miller and Madeline Miller†
Ron Mulder, PhD and Sandy Mulder
Bob Ontiveros and Blenda Ontiveros
Prasanta Reddy Wells
Rowena Rich
Mrs. Mildred V. Roese †
Paul Snider
Cathy Sovinsky
John Staples, DC and Marion Staples
Gerry Tallman
Juanita Thompson
Dr. Sam Wang
Mrs. Bette L. Warta †
Robert Walper, DC and Antoinette Weinstein
Mrs. Yvonne Will †


Aramark Corporation
Danish Chiropractic Association
Dr. David D Palmer Athletic Trust
Estate of Arthur and Phyllis Monson
Estate of Devere and Lena Biser
Estate of Don R Schwendemann DC
Florida Chiropractic Foundation for Education
Frutiger Trust
Michigan Chiropractic Foundation
Mid-Florida Chiropractic Society
Norwegian Chiropractic Association
Palmer College Auxiliary
PCC Campus Guides
Quad City Bank & Trust
The Joint Corp
The McGraw-Hill Foundation Inc
VA Chiropractic Student Assistance Foundation

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Advancement Office
800-722-2586, Ext. 3

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