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Participating Employers

Main Campus - Thursday, September 17, 2020

Medulla oakbrook, Illinois Dr. Sam Wang, Dr. Narmda Kumar No shadowing, preceptor and job opportunities across IL, IN, WI, KS, MO, TX and WA
Fern Valley Chiropractic Louisville, KY Steven Jones, DC, Miranda Bunge, DC No Full time Associate position in Diversified/ Cox/ Thompson practice in Louisville Kentucky. Our office boasts 20 years of service and our associates are very successful. This position includes extra benefits like Medical/ Dental/ Life / Malpractice and more...
FLEXX Chiropractic Columbus, MS Zach Thomas No We are looking for super doctors to join our team. We are a high volume clinic with a mission to change the health of our community. We provide you a modern office strategically designed specifically for chiropractic, a well trained staff, and a proven system. We provide you with a coach to help you master the system and the reports. We provide a practice representative who feeds you new patients through outreach programs for local businesses and through community involvement. All you have to do is treat the patients and move them to wellness. In return, you will experience the success of changing people’s health and taking the lead of health and health care, and the experience @ FLEXX will enable you to literally make you a fortune over your career and make you a success beyond what you have ever dreamed or imagined. And this time, instead of it costing you $$ or student loans to learn, you will actually be paid a salary while you are learning and mastering. uses cookies for advertising. You may disable them in your browser settings. Learn more
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