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Ask the Coach

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Ask the Coach was designed to answer your most pressing questions. This series will provide you with a virtual community of trusted advisors who share their expertise and viewpoints.

Topics are available in the libraries at the West, and Florida, campuses. At the main campus, the videos are available in the David D Palmer Library and in the Center for Business Development.

A list of topics is below.

  • What is a Business Model and Why Do I Need to Choose One?
  • Why Most Associateships Don't Work and What To Do About It
  • Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Practice
  • The Ten Decisions You Need to Make Before You Graduate
  • The Five Questions Every Patient Needs Answered 
  • How Ordinary Chiropractors Create Extraordinary Practices
  • What's It Really Like After Graduation?
  • The Five Realities of Being a Chiropractic Entrepreneur
  • Active Care to Wellness Care
  • Chiropractic: A Profession or A Service
  • How I Went From Being a Pharmacist to Becoming a Successful Palmer Graduate
  • Chiropractors Making a Difference Using Social Currency
  • Seven Networking Ideas That Will Get Your New Practice Going Before You Open the Doors
  • Delivering Happiness in a Chiropractic Office
  • How to Help Patients SEE Value in Chiropractic Care

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