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Insurance Coding

Date: August 28 in Davenport

For many doctors and patients, being reimbursed for services performed or received can be the difference between a patient getting care or deciding against it. Whether you accept assignment from the insurance company or require the patient to pay you up front, it's your job to make sure the patient gets the most benefit from their coverage and that is dependent upon proper coding on a claim form or superbill. Topics covered will also include how to offer proper discounts and how to operate as a cash practice. You will learn how to use treatment plans to manage chronic cases and how to determine medical necessity. Having these tools close at hand will help your future clinic thrive.   

Main Campus

  • John Davila D.C. 
    Wednesday, August 28, 4-8 p.m.
    Business Center Classroom
  • Dinner provided with advanced RSVP using the Palmer CareerNetwork


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