Turning Your Passion into Influence

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What's your passion? Chiropractic care, wellness, pediatrics, sports performance. What is the most effective way to communicate your passion so that it turns prospects into patients? Accomplishing this goal requires not only clinical ability, but also a willingness to embrace the art of selling from the heart. A purpose driven and passionate speaker and author, this speaker is an expert on the subject and will illustrate how selling chiropractic with the intent of growing the profession can be conducted in a tasteful manner. Topics covered will include understanding your market, communications strengthening, turning your passion into influence, and more. Skills, passion, and the ability to help patients are paramount in this profession; however, accelerating your talent to encompass the art of influence will elevate both you as a doctor and the profession as a whole.

the speaker is committed to providing inspired answers to today's challenges as a sales speaker, trainer, consultant, coach and implementation specialist. Bottom line, he helps individuals like you and organizations like yours grow market penetration, improve profitability and grow the quality of your people. This is accomplished through 30+ years of life experience in sales, marketing, training, and speaking to corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Scott defines his life's purpose: To inspire and empower others to serve humanity through living their life's purpose in spirit, love and joy!

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