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What People are Saying about PCBD

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How the Palmer Business Center Helps

"I am so grateful for the Strengths coaching I received at Palmer. Between school and extracurricular activities, it's rare to take a moment for self-reflection. The Strength coaching gave me valuable insight on what my strengths really were and how to capitalize on them. It also helped me recognize strengths within my peers and co-workers. I would highly recommend this workshop if it is available to you!"
Dr. Cassandra Asmondy

"I was previously employed in Green Bay, Wisconsin as an associate chiropractor when I posted my resume on Palmer CareerNetwork. Within 2 weeks I was contacted by another chiropractor that was looking for a new doctor in his office. It was a great opportunity and I am thankful to have had Palmer CareerNetwork as an avenue for job searching."
Dr. Amanda Pigeon

"Because of your help we have hired 2 new doctors from recent graduating classes in the last 9 months. You make the process very easy and they are great additions to our team!"
Dr. Brett McDonough

"I would also like to complement the school for this great resource...because of your website, I was able to find and purchase a practice here in Dubuque, Iowa. I recommend the website to all my chiropractic friends who may be looking for change in their professional career."

Peter Lynch, 2010 graduate
Tri-States Clinic of Chiropractic

"Hired a Palmer grad! Great process, easy to list the job and happy with the quality of resumes that came through!"
Dr. Kristina Stitcher
Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center

"I chose to attend Palmer after I learned about the opportunities the Business Center had to offer. No other chiropractic school that I visited or researched offered these services to prepare students for opening their own practices after graduation. I am thoroughly impressed with what the Business Center has to offer and extremely happy with my decision to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic."
Mikhaila Weister

"I have been using many different sources to advertise my position for an associate chiropractor. I have found that Palmer's CareerNetwork was the easiest to use and also generated the most leads. Many students from Palmer College have contacted me and even some graduates from other schools. I am very happy with the philosophy the new graduates have, compared to new graduates from other schools. Palmer has always had a great reputation in chiropractic and I think that their CareerNetwork is no different. I will continue to use their services in the future when looking for another associate."
Polly Hediger

"I did sell my chiropractic flexion distraction table via the Palmer CareerNetwork. The sale actually went rather quick after the ad was posted. Thank you so much!"
Ashley Gray, D.C., CCEP
Health & Wellness Consultant

"I mainly use the career network to look at ads placed by other chiropractors who are looking for an associate chiropractor. The page is really easy to use and gives lots of options to narrow down the ads to help me find the best one for me. I never run into issues of what look like "spam" type ads on the Palmer CareerNetwork like I do on other chiropractic employment ad sites. I also really like the emails that the network sends to me about new ads that have been placed. They all may not pertain to me but they are a small reminder to check in and take a look at the network."
Nicole Kilgo, D.C., 2010 graduate

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