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Current Issue

Caring for Heroes

Palmer Graduates Answer Call to Serve

Spring 2019 (v15:n1)

archive issues

Advancing chiropractic through philanthropy, service and leadership

Fall 2018 (v13:n2)

Palmer Legacy Families

Palmer chiropractic keeps families together.

Winter 2018 (v13:n1)

Serving Those Who Serve

Palmer and alumni care for military and veterans.

Summer 2017 (v12:n1)

From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

Winter 2016 (v11:n2)

Dr. Bill Moreau plus other Olympic alumni

Spring/Summer 2016 (v11:n1)

Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

We still have work to do!

Fall/Winter 2015 (v10:n2)

Breakthroughs and Barriers

Gaining a seat at the health-care table

Spring/Summer 2015 (v10:n1)

From football players to ballet dancers ... sports chiropractors help all kinds of athletes

Fall/Winter 2014 (v9:n2)

Palmer Entrepreneurs

The New Faces of Innovation

Spring/Summer 2014 (v9:n1)

Chiropractic around the world - Palmer Alumni are making a difference

Fall/Winter 2013 (v8:n2)

Companies are making space for on-site chiropractors

Spring 2013 (v8:n1)

Chiropractic Identity

Defining who we are for health care

Fall 2012 (v7:n2)

Palmer alumni are keeping elite athletes at the top of their game

Spring 2012 (v7:n1)

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice?

Palmer's strategy for focused curricular change to improve patient care

Fall 2011 (v6:n2)

Building Healthy Relationships

Palmer alumni and other healthcare practitioners are working together to benefit patients

Spring 2011 (v6:n1)

8 Reasons to Refer Students

Eight students share their appreciation for Palmer and honor the alumni who referred them

Fall 2010 (v5:n2)

A chancellor for our times

Spring 2010 (v5:n1)

Stepping up to the plate

Ways to help your patients eat well to stay well

Fall 2009 (v4:n3)

Giving healthcare and hope

Palmer’s Outreach Clinics provide a lifeline for hard times

Summer 2009 (v4:n2)

Reach out. Re-energize. Recruit.

Alumni are using tried, true and new methods to bring students to Palmer

Winter/Spring 2009 (v4:n1)

Translating research into better health

Palmer is at the forefront of chiropractic research

Summer 2008 (v3:n2)

Making a world of difference

Palmer’s Clinic Abroad Program brings chiropractic care to those in need

Winter/Spring 2008 (v3:n1)

Leading Ladies

Palmer continues its tradition of preparing women leaders in chiropractic

Fall 2007 (v2:n3)

Team Players

Palmer alumni are helping a variety of athletes achieve their personal best

Summer 2007 (v2:n2)

Family Practice

For some families, when it comes to attending Palmer, it's all relative

Winter/Spring 2007 (v2:n1)

Reaching Out

Alumni are introducing the world to chiropractic, one patient at a time

Fall 2006 (v1:n3)

Blueprints for success

Recent graduates are building new practices with careful planning and hard work

Summer 2006 (v1:n2)

Chiropractic in the new New Orleans

What would you do if most of your patients left town—and never came back?

Winter/Spring 2006 (v1:n1)

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