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Chiropractic in the new New Orleans

Chiropractic in the new New Orleans

What would you do if most of your patients left town—and never came back?
Winter/Spring 2006

a message from Dr. Burt

Dr. Burt

For some time now, graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Davenport campus have kept in touch with their fellow graduates and caught up on the latest College news by turning to Alumni News. For Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West campus graduates, the key source of alumni and College information has been WestWord.

Today, with the recent graduation of its first class on Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida campus, we have welcomed a new group of alumni to the Palmer family. While we could recognize this milestone with a new publication tailored to Palmer Florida alumni, we’ve chosen instead to honor all current and future graduates of Palmer—no matter which campus they attended—with one alumni magazine.

After all, no matter which campus we graduated from, we all support Palmer’s efforts in educating and graduating the finest chiropractors in the world. Simply put, we’re one college with three campuses. That vision truly adds value to the degree all Palmer students receive and creates a stronger identity for everyone involved.

Just as the new alumni program was created to address the wishes of the graduates of all three campuses, it only makes sense that there would be one alumni magazine. We’ve named it Insights because it features the thoughts and perspectives of people from throughout the Palmer community. Like Alumni News and West- Word before it, Insights has been designed to keep you informed of the latest news on all three campuses as well as highlight the notable accomplishments made by Palmer alumni in their careers and in the chiropractic profession.

In response to the suggestions of many alumni, we’re taking Insights a step further by also featuring information that alumni can put to use in their practices—whether it be the latest health research or profiles of alumni who’ve written books full of practice management tips. Insights will also provide a forum for the discussion of the latest developments in chiropractic and the healthcare field as a whole. The new alumni program is here to serve the needs of our alumni from the moment they open their first practice to long after they retire. And the best way we can fulfill these needs is by listening to our alumni through focus groups and advisory committees—both of which I encourage you to join when asked.

We’re committed to assisting students throughout their educational careers because we believe a strong, viable student alumni program is the real key to a strong, viable alumni program. Ultimately, by helping students become better prepared to go out into practice, we can help move the profession forward right along with them.

In this issue of Insights, you’ll learn about Palmer graduates who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, including those that were in the path of the storms as well as those who were out of harm’s way but wanted to use their talents to help those affected. I think you’ll find the efforts undertaken by these alumni to be inspiring.

Recently, Palmer Davenport President Donald Kern, D.C., and Palmer West and Palmer Florida President Peter Martin, D.C., worked with the Alumni Office to write a proposal to both the International Chiropractors Association and the American Chiropractic Association to put into place a joint national readiness plan for future natural disasters that allows all chiropractors to assist others in times of need in a coordinated manner.

The first objective of this plan was to help those chiropractors affected by the disaster at hand with basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing and employment. The second objective is to organize the delivery of free chiropractic care to all those displaced by the disaster. The third objective of the plan was to coordinate free chiropractic care for disaster relief workers, such as emergency services personnel and volunteers.

It reminds me of an observation my wife recently made about the chiropractic profession. She said that there is more that unites us than divides us. She’s right. Whether we’re talking about one college with three campuses, or two powerful associations within the chiropractic profession, together, we can do great things and move the profession forward.

Thank you for allowing me to share my insights with you in this column. In the next few pages, I invite you to take a glimpse at the insights that other members of the Palmer family have to share.

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