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Chiropractic in the new New Orleans

Chiropractic in the new New Orleans

What would you do if most of your patients left town—and never came back?
Winter/Spring 2006


Palmer West's Summer and Fall graduations

Cale Copeland presenting the valedictorian address at Palmer West’s Summer graduation.
Valedictorian Cale Copeland at West Graduation

Summer Twenty-six graduates received their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Palmer West’s Summer 2005 commencement, held Sept. 9 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Cale Copeland, who played on the Palmer West Pride ice hockey team for three years, served as valedictorian. The salutatorian was Joyce Yulo. Both Copeland and Yulo graduated Magna Cum Laude. Bryson and Christopher Foster graduated Cum Laude.

Foster, who is the first Palmer West student to serve two terms as Associated Student Government president, also received the Virgil V. Strang Philosophy Award and the Student Fellow Award. In addition, Foster was presented with a Clinical Excellence Award for his internship at the Tasman Clinic, as was Toshiya Kawano, for his internship at the Santa Clara Clinic.

Brian Porteous, D.C., a Fellow of both Palmer’s Davenport and West campuses, gave the commencement address.

Fall Forty-five graduates received their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Palmer West’s Fall 2005 commencement, held Dec. 8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Chrysa Caulfield and Jennifer Nishimura graduated as valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Scott Haldeman, D.C., M.D., Ph.D., presented the commencement address.

Magna Cum Laude graduates included Amanda Eaton, Kameljit Singh and Virgilija Tali. Anjali Agrawal, Scott Sato, James Wang and James Wilson graduated with Cum Laude honors. Clinical Excellence honors were presented to James Wang, for the Tasman Clinic, and to Bobby Stone for Palmer West’s Santa Clara Clinic. Jennifer Chen received the Virgil V. Strang Philosophy Award. Ramadan Hochaimi received the Student Fellow Award. Anjali Agrawal, Timothy Angelo and Kathryn Rudy received awards for serving as Palmer West Campus Guides.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the special acknowledgement of graduate YanYan Li, a native of Hunan, China, who received a standing ovation from the audience for his inspiring achievement of becoming the first blind student to graduate from Palmer West.

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