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Breakthroughs and Barriers

Breakthroughs and Barriers

Gaining a seat at the health-care table
Spring/Summer 2015

recruitment focus

Palmer pride is running wild!

From 2009 to 2014, Palmer has enrolled 1,192 students (an average of 199 per year) referred from Palmer alumni. During Fiscal Year 2014- 2015 through three quarters, Palmer has matriculated 292 students (on pace for 400 by the end of the year in June 2015), which is double the average from the previous six years.

Many of you have put your trust in Palmer and referred students to us, and we’re incredibly grateful. Daniel Warner, D.C., Port Orange ’08, whose story follows, has had an amazing 10 of his referrals enroll at Palmer during this fiscal year. Warren Pyne, D.C., Davenport ’87, has referred his two sons, who began this year to continue the Pyne legacy at Palmer. Another 15 of you referred at least two students who enrolled this year.

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