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Breakthroughs and Barriers

Breakthroughs and Barriers

Gaining a seat at the health-care table
Spring/Summer 2015

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'Out of Sight, Out of Mind'

In addition to his role providing chiropractic care in hospital settings, Dr. Morgan is team chiropractor for the U.S. Naval Academy Football Team.
Dr. Morgan adjusting athlete who is laying down

William Morgan, D.C., San Jose ’85, and a Palmer Board of Trustees member, has been credentialed at five hospitals, including the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (the “President’s Hospital”), and has served on various committees and boards.

“When we’re out of sight, we’re out of mind,” he says. “When chiropractors aren’t present on advisory boards or standard-of-care committees, we surrender our voice to others. We need to remember that when we’re not at the table, we have no voice and no impact. Just being present in discussions reminds decision-makers to include chiropractic in algorithms of care.”

Now, more than ever, chiropractors need to be present at the health-care table. “As scientific evidence refutes the benefits of treatments like epidural steroids and opiates, chiropractors need to be present to offer a drug-free, evidence-based alternative,” Dr. Morgan adds. “It doesn’t matter what the evidence says if we aren’t present to advocate for chiropractic.”

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