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Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

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Fall/Winter 2015

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Palmer College earns top scores in Brookings study

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In an April 2015 study by the prestigious Brookings Institution, Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Davenport campus earned a top score of 100 with regard to loan repayment rates (a common measurement of student financial success after graduation) and earned a score of 99 for occupational earnings power (a measure which expresses the average market value of the career for which the college prepared its graduates).

According to an article on the study in Market-, Palmer also is the fourth top college “with highest value added with respect to loan repayment.” The Brookings’ study, titled “Beyond College Rankings: A Value-Added Approach to Assessing Two- and Four-Year Schools,” was authored by Jonathan Rothwell and Siddharth Kulkarni.

Palmer students have traditionally been able to pay off their student loans, and the College’s current, official student-loan default rate is an extremely low 2.1 percent. The average student loan default rate for chiropractic colleges is 4.2 percent, and the national average student-loan default rate for all college students is 11.8 percent.

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