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Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

We still have work to do!
Fall/Winter 2015

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Are you part of Palmer’s Alumni Association? Yes, you are!

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Once you walk across the stage during graduation and receive your diploma, you’re automatically a part of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni Association (PCCAA). This includes graduates from all three Palmer campuses, and there are no membership dues.

The Alumni Office developed a new structure for the PCCAA, which includes appointing state representatives and, within those states, district representatives. The purpose of this is to build a better network between Palmer and our thousands of alumni on a more personal level.

“District reps will hold meetings, inviting all of the local D.C.s to join them,” says Executive Director for Alumni and Development Mickey Burt, D.C. “Then the district reps will meet with their state reps, passing on information, comments and concerns. State reps come back to Palmer Homecoming each year for the primary meeting to share what they learned and work on strategies about how to best meet the needs of our alumni.”

Current PCCAA state representatives include:

  • Eric Anderson, D.C. Illinois
  • Rebecca Ault, D.C. Ohio
  • Michael DeAngelo, D.C. New York
  • Arthur Durham, D.C. North Carolina
  • David Fieldgate, D.C. Massachusetts
  • Chris Frogley, D.C. Utah
  • Richard Green, D.C. Pennsylvania
  • Mark Houk, D.C. Washington
  • Jodi Judge, D.C. Arizona
  • Chris Klaes, D.C. Indiana
  • Elizabeth Kressin, D.C. Iowa
  • Seth Sazama, D.C. Minnesota
  • William Spontak, D.C. Wisconsin
  • Lewis Squires, D.C. Michigan
  • Kimberly Thor, D.C. Nebraska
  • Susan Welsh, D.C. Florida

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