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Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

Gallup-Palmer report: 14% of U.S. adults saw a chiropractor last year

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Fall/Winter 2015

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Port Orange grad brings relief across the globe

Dr. Webb with one of the water purification systems in Nepal.
Nepalese in a crowd around water purifier with Dr. Webb

“I left Palmer feeling confident that I could take on the world, that I could diagnose and help treat anything that came my way, and I still feel that way today,” says Aaron Webb, D.C., Port Orange ’13. “It has held true in all my experiences and travel worldwide.”

Dr. Webb certainly has had opportunities to test that theory as he’s traveled to 28 different countries, including doing missionary work in impoverished nations. He practices with Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine in Altamonte Springs, Fla.

In 2014, he was selected to participate in the Florida Chiropractic Association’s (FCA) Emerging Leaders Conference. Part of that experience included an agreement to conduct a community service project that would highlight chiropractic. The global community would quite naturally become his focus. He began by partnering with Air Mobile Ministries, based in Merritt Island, Fla., a non-profit organization that does disaster relief all around the world.

The goal for Dr. Webb and his partners was to raise enough money to travel to Katmandu, Nepal, following the earthquakes that devastated the region in April 2015, and install self-sustaining water purification systems. “Clean water quite naturally becomes the most valuable resource following these types of disasters,” adds Dr. Webb.

Dr. Webb and his team, including a general surgeon, EMT and nurse, also traveled to the Philippines following a typhoon and to Nepal to provide medical and chiropractic care in addition to clean water. Upon returning to the U.S., Dr. Webb was awarded FCA’s “Emerging Leader Award” during the FCA convention in August 2015.

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