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Dr. Bill Moreau plus other Olympic alumni

Dr. Bill Moreau plus other Olympic alumni

Spring/Summer 2016

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San Jose alum blazing new trails in Arizona

When Brandon Boothe, D.C., San Jose ’11, received a call from Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona (2016) magazine to inform him that his practice, PROCARE Spine and Sports Therapy in Scottsdale, had been selected as one of the state’s Top 10 therapy clinics, he was more than a bit leery about the credibility of the call. But it was real.

collage of Ranking Arizona cover, related page, and a close up of Dr. Boothe

“The fact that a patient took the time to nominate me was an honor in and of itself. Then, to have individuals vote PROCARE as a Top 10 therapy clinic —after only my second year. I still can’t believe it!”

Since opening PROCARE Spine and Sports Therapy in 2013, Dr. Boothe has built his practice through multiple associations that he’s made with other health-care professionals.

“As chiropractors, we possess tools that are beneficial to athletes,” says Dr. Boothe, who graduated with Clinical Excellence honors and participated in multiple Sports Council events during his San Jose campus experience.

“Getting results gains you respect from other health-care colleagues, which will pay you back in your practice with great referrals.” Perhaps the most impactful referral came when Dr. Boothe’s first pro-athlete patient led to a meeting with LeCharles Bentley, who played six years in professional football before retiring in 2008. The twotime Pro Bowl center now maintains O Line Performance, a training facility for professional football offensive linemen, located near PROCARE— where Dr. Boothe spends four to five hours twice a week treating 15 to 20 players each day.

Dr. Boothe (left) with former pro football player LeCharles Bentley, owner of O Line Performance.
Dr. Boothe sitting next to LeCharles Bentley on an adjustment table

“Elite-level athletes are going to be treated by many different practitioners along their professional journey,” he says. “If you’re fortunate enough to be part of that journey, I suggest you act professionally and provide good results—you may be involved in that journey longer than you initially thought was possible.”

Dr. Boothe’s chiropractic journey began while completing his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University, where he was a pitcher on the baseball team with professional aspirations. However, two major injuries, which required surgical procedures, ended his pro-sport dreams and rerouted his career path in the direction of health care.

Once he made the decision to pursue the chiropractic- career path, Dr. Boothe, a Merced, Calif., native, said Palmer’s San Jose campus was his number-one choice, because of its reputation as a leader in the field of sports chiropractic.

“From the beginning, becoming a sports chiropractor made the most sense to me. I could relate with my patients as an ex-athlete, and also with back pain that patients experience, because of my own surgeries—which was probably the singleworst decision I’ve ever made. Knowing what I know now, I never would have had surgery.”

While Dr. Boothe is honored to provide care for professional and collegiate athletes, he’ll be the first to tell you he takes equal pride in caring for each of his patients. “I’m extremely happy with my career choice—I get to wake up every day and do what I love,” he adds.

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