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From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

Winter 2016

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Dr. Barnett on Integrating D.C.s and M.D.s

After graduating from Palmer’s main campus in 1979, Steve Barnett, D.C., practiced for more than 30 years in his “tremendously busy” office. If he hadn’t injured his wrists, he might still be practicing.

“I absolutely loved what I did,” says Dr. Barnett. “I can honestly say I looked forward to going to work every day. But after my injury, I was forced to retire.”

But his retirement didn’t last long. “Three weeks after I sold my practice, I received a call from a local hospital in Atlanta, Ga., inviting me to lunch,” he says. “I had co-managed my most serious cases with the physicians at the hospital, most of which I had never met. It turned out I was considered a very valuable referral source.”

The Dekalb Medical Center offered Dr. Barnett a job as a chiropractic liaison, giving him the title of Director of Chiropractic Relations—the first-ever position of its kind. He became a full-fledged hospital administrator and works with Dekalb’s locations in Decatur and Hillandale, Ga.

“That was seven years ago, and the education was invaluable,” Dr. Barnett says. “I still serve in that position but have morphed into a medical consultant specializing in building bridges into the world of chiropractic. Chiropractors have never been in a better position than they are today. With government restrictions up and reimbursement down, the physicians and hospitals are looking for additional sources of revenue. It has created a marvelous opportunity to create strategic relationships that have never existed before.”

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