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From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

From the Past to the Present–Palmer Women Continue to Inspire

Winter 2016

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10 Ways to increase referrals with the Gallup-Palmer Report

chiropractic is your 1st line of defense against pain. 95% of past-year chiropractic users say it

Patient referrals. They mean you’re helping your patients. They mean your patients trust you and value chiropractic. They’re the goal of every chiropractor and a game changer for your practice.

Finding time to woo new patients is difficult—you’re busy providing care and running a practice. But your patients encounter them all the time. And the more they know about chiropractic, the more they can advocate for you. Here are 10 ways to get them working on your behalf, using the FREE resources available at

  1. Order the FREE Gallup-Palmer report posters from the Palmer Bookstore (Davenport) by calling (563) 884-5633 or emailing Place the posters in your adjusting rooms. Talk to your patients about them!
  2. Share the Gallup-Palmer report videos on your waiting room monitors.
  3. Add the Gallup-Palmer report charts to your clinic website.
  4. Write a blog post about the full 2016 Gallup-Palmer report and link to it.
  5. Post and tweet the graphics on social media—share and share again!
  6. Send Palmer’s news release on the 2016 Gallup-Palmer report and the “First Line of Defense” and “Five Questions” graphics to your local media.
  7. After sending the news release to the media, follow up with an email or phone call. Ask if they’d like to interview you about the report to provide a local angle on a national story.
  8. Add one of the graphics to the back of your business cards.
  9. Include a chart or graphic in your clinic advertising.
  10. Talk it up—“Hey, have you heard about the recent Gallup- Palmer survey on chiropractic? It found that 95 percent of chiropractic users say it’s effective. What do you think about that?”

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